Lindsay Lonano: Kids Winner

Mar 18, 2013

Lindsay Lonano was the winner in the Kids category of Under the Sun‘s unpublished writers competition.

Lindsay Lonano

The Swamp

The green swamp

Bursts open with abundant life.

A slowly moving log appears

Upon the still surface.

Unsuspecting little bird

Unaware a predator lurks.

Munch! Fast moving predator

Eyes atop his head, delighted!

Alas! Not full yet

He slides upon a rabbit.

Prey, gone in a flash

Where did it go. Woe!

Chomp! Satisfied predator

Gulp! Munch!

Bio: Lindsay Lonano is nine years old and attends Allamanda Elementary School in Palm Beach Gardens. She devours books as fast as lightning and if you’re looking for her you’ll find her reading a book. When she thinks of a story idea she grabs a piece of paper and writes up a storm. She enjoys swimming, softball, reading, singing and writing.