Join Us Tuesday For A Night Of South Florida Trivia!

Apr 21, 2014

Come hang out with us!

To launch our news project What's the Story - where we let your curiosity about South Florida guide our reporting - we're hosting a night of trivia inspired by some of your questions!  

The subjects will be about South Florida history and pop culture. Here are some examples (for the answers, please scroll to the bottom):

This was the membership card for an infamous club inside an infamous hotel frequented by cocaine cowboys in the 1980s.

1.  On Miami Vice, Don Johnson’s character, Sonny Crockett, had a pet named Elvis who was also a retired college mascot.  What kind of animal was Elvis? 

2. What famous South Floridian introduced the mango to the US?

3. The first scheduled international flight flew out of which South Florida city in 1927?

Join us Tuesday, April 22nd, at 6:30 p.m. at The Riverside Market, 608 SW 12th Ave in Fort Lauderdale. Teams of five or less are allowed. Every team gets a WLRN or Miami Herald team member!



1.  An alligator 

2.  David Fairchild

3.  Key West

Photo caption: The Mutiny