Jeb Bush's Guy And Jeb Bush's Policies Are Voted Down In Indiana and Idaho

Nov 12, 2012

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush suffered long-distance electoral defeats in Indiana and Idaho on Tuesday.

In Indiana, the state's top education official -- a Bush ally and top lieutenant in his education foundation -- was defeated by a Democratic challenger. And, in Idaho, voters repealed three controversial education laws that bore the Bush seal of approval.

Opponents: Democrat Glenda Ritz is Indiana's new Superintendent of Public Instruction. She defeated Jeb Bush ally Tony Bennett, right.
Credit Kyle Stokes / StateImpact Indiana
In both states, Bush and policies he supports were on the wrong side of teacher unions and -- at least this time -- majorities of voters. The guy who lost the election in Indiana was Superintendent of Public instruction Tony Bennett. And John O'Connor at StateImpact Florida says the timing raises a possibility:

The question now is whether Bennett will throw his name in for Florida’s vacant Commissioner of Education post?

O'Connor discussed the outcomes in Indiana and Idaho with WUSF Morning Edition host Carson Cooper.