It's A Night Of Natural Wonders On WLRN!

Mar 7, 2014

Starting at 8:00 p.m. on Monday, March 10th,  WLRN brings you the best of nature. 

Nature: Parrot Confidential  (8:00 PM)

Meet Lou. Abandoned in a foreclosed home.

Meet Lou. Abandoned in a foreclosed home, Lou is one of thousands of parrots in need of rescue. From the wilds of Costa Rica to suburban America, a lovable, quirky cast of parrots will reveal their unforgettable tales and the bittersweet world they share with humans. Their outrageous intelligence and uncanny ability to communicate in any language has made parrots one of the world’s most popular pets. But unlike dogs and cats, parrots have not been domesticated. Add a lifespan of up to 70+ years with their intense need to bond, and a life in captivity doesn’t always have a happy ending. With shelters and sanctuaries struggling to meet the demand, too many birds like Lou have no place to go

Wild! Cry of the Wolves (9:00 PM)

Wild! Cry of the Wolves

The river Jordan runs in deep valleys through this mountainous landscape, providing shelter for a variety of animals that in turn feed the wolves. We follow the story of one particular pair of wolves as they meet and start a family, the beginnings of a new pack.

Wild Australasia: Desert Heart  (10:00 PM)

Wild Australasia! Desert Heart

Australia is the driest inhabited continent. Most of its centre is desert, but far from being a scorched
land of barren sand dunes, its arid heart is full of stunning landscapes with a surprising abundance of
colorful life. in desert Heart, we travel with the first European explorers who saw a ‘dead heart’, a bizarre,
unforgiving world they did not understand. it tormented them with mirages and threw up obstacles of impassable woodlands, 400km-long mountain ranges and towering red dunes.