It's Drama On Friday Nights With A New Mystery Series! Inspector George Gently On WLRN-TV

May 9, 2014

Starting at 8:00 p.m. on Friday, May 16, WLRN brings you Inspector George Gently – an incorruptible, uncompromising detective transplanted from London’s Scotland Yard to England’s North Country, then stay for Scott & Bailey and Dalziel & Pascoe.

Inspector George Gently: Gently Between the Lines (8:00 pm)

Inspector George Gently

Gently investigates a death in police custody—and insists that Bacchus assist him, even though his sergeant has just submitted his formal resignation. In the process, the inspector has to tread a careful path between fellow officers who are closing ranks in support of each other and a local population grown increasingly hostile towards the police.

Scott & Bailey  (9:30 pm)

Scott & Bailey

The detectives investigate the murder of a wealthy man whose double life left him vulnerable to exploitation. Away from work, Rachel's recent moment of indiscretion threatens to come back to haunt her when a confused Sean takes a phone call from her one-night stand, and after Ade is pushed into living with his girlfriend on a permanent basis, Janet asks her mother to move in.

Dalziel and Pascoe - Exit Line, Part 2 (10:30 pm)

Dalziel and Pascoe

Pascoe finds himself in deep water after an old soldier is found murdered in his bath. Suspicion initially falls on the man’s grandson, whose femme fatale fiancé, Karen Spillings, has her sights set on climbing the social ladder. Meanwhile, Dalziel appears to be making the most of his spare time, socializing with some dubious, upper-class cronies. And Pascoe’s home life is in turmoil as Ellie’s father becomes increasingly confused and distressed.