The End of the Road
7:46 am
Mon February 3, 2014

I-95's Narrow Shoulders And Speeding Cars Problematic For FHP

Credit By Jeffrey Katz, courtesy FDOT

The 95 Express Project has gotten traffic moving. Sometimes, arguably, moving too well.

FDOT numbers show that the average speed of express lane traffic during the majority of the day is between 64 and 66 MPH. That means the “average” car during those times is speeding by as much as 11 MPH.

The speed limit, which is the same for both the express lanes and the general purpose lanes, is either 55 MPH or 60 MPH depending on where you are.

“Engineering can only do so much to make people drive the speed limit,” said Omar Meitin, the traffic operations engineer for the Florida Department of Transportation in Miami-Dade County. “But if the road is wide open and people feel comfortable they’re going to drive at the speeds they feel more apt to.”

The speed limit through much of the 95 Express corridor was increased from 55 MPH to 60 MPH in September. Meitin says FDOT is in the final stages of raising the remaining section to 60 MPH.

Under those new speed limits, express lane traffic speeds wouldn’t look quite as bad. The highest speeds are in the 95 Express southbound lanes from 7 PM to 11 PM, when traffic averages 66 MPH.  

Read the rest of the piece and see interactive graphs of average 95 Express speeds here.

This is part of The End of the Road project, documenting life on the final 87 miles on I-95.