Hurricane Sandy Is Parking Planes Across South Florida

Oct 29, 2012

Hundreds of flights are canceled as Hurricane Sandy slams the Northeast.
Credit Hollywood-Fort Lauderdale International Airport

Even though Hurricane Sandy has moved past South Florida, the region's airports continue to feel the storm's effects.

Director of Operations at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport, Mike Monnemacher, said 152 flights have been canceled at his airport.

"One of our larger markets for this airport is to the Northeast," Monnemacher said. " So, when we're not having any operations into the Washington all the up through Boston area, that's a significant number of aircraft. So, right now we have 35 aircraft that really don't have any place to go."

The airport may actually break its own record for having the most airplanes grounded by a storm on it airfield at one time. Monnemacher said they're stashing planes anywhere they can find the space.

"The airplanes are parked on the ramp and then when we are out of space on the ramp, we close taxiways and park the aircraft on the taxiways."

Miami International Airport has canceled 111 inbound and outbound flights and 80 have been canceled at the Palm Beach International Airport.

Airport officials expect more cancellations Tuesday. Officials are urging travelers to call their airlines to make sure their flights haven't been canceled or delayed before they arrive at the airport.