How Organics And Imports Are Impacting Florida's Once-Dominant Tomato Market

Feb 11, 2013

Clarification: In this story,  it could  be perceived that representatives from Lipman Produce do not like the idea of good-tasting tomatoes. That is not the case.  Lipman says its goal is to create the best-tasting tomatoes possible which are able to withstand transportation and maintain a shelf life. Since 2012, Lipman has been experimenting with protected agriculture  --  growing tomatoes in retractable roof greenhouses on five acres of land in Naples, FL.

Florida growers  once dominated the tomato market, but  global competition has changed that. 

Recently, the Department of Commerce signaled  it would go along with a proposed agreement that would raise prices for tomato imports.  

In this report,  Reporter Patricia Sagastume tells us how consumer tastes are  affecting the market.