How Climate Change Is Reshaping South Florida

Nov 30, 2012

On The Florida Roundup: Hurricane season has officially ended.  South Florida was saved from any severe hurricanes, but we see the effects of climate change as beaches erode, roads crumble and flooding inundates parts of region.  

While U.N. delegates convene at a climate change conference in Doha - with no treaty to replace the Kyoto accords - the South Florida counties will meet to try to implement a plan to mitigate the effects of rising sea levels.  What can they accomplish?  Plus we hear from you on what changes you've seen in your neighborhood.  

The Keys are particularly vulnerable to a rise in sea level.

Former state GOP leaders admit that voter suppression was the goal in passing laws that got Florida in trouble this election cycle.  And state-run Citizens Property Insurance executives blame the media for their problems - but firing their internal investigators didn't help either.  

Host Phil Latzman speaks with guests Dave Barry of the Miami Herald, Brittany Wallman of the Sun Sentinel and Marva Hinton from WLRN.