Hialeah Mom Says Urban Beach Week Keeps Locals Away

May 26, 2013

Miami Beach hosts Urban Beach Week this weekend.
Credit Wikipedia Commons

In preparation for Urban Beach Week, WLRN-Miami Herald News asked members of the Public Insight Network to weigh in on the festival. 

Ever since Urban Beach Week came to Miami Beach, the taxpaying South Florida residents have suffered. I have had family visiting from out of town during Memorial Day weekend wanting to go to the beach, and I have had to say no due to the fact that we won't even be able to make it on to the beach and if we do, we can't park anywhere, drive through any streets because they are closed off, or even have a relaxing family day on the beach because of all the rowdy, drunk people.

It's sad that, as a resident, I can't go to the beach with my child for Memorial Day weekend because it's overrun by these people who have no respect for authority, residents, or even themselves. Half naked women walk the streets. Guys yell at these women as they walk by. It’s very low class.

I don't care what race these people are, as long as they behave. But they act like they were raised in barns or something. Urban Beach week basically says that South Florida is like a toilet for the nation. It's like saying, "Come pee in our pools, come litter our beaches, come disrespect our laws and citizens, as long as you bring your money."

If the city of Atlanta discontinued this activity because of the same reasons, what would make the city of Miami Beach think it was a good idea to host the event? If Miami Beach would stop catering to these rowdy people they would go elsewhere. It's not like we are desperate for their tourist dollars, since our tourism industry is pretty hot year round.

There is no compromise that would make me want to take my daughter or nieces and nephews to the beach with these people that act like drunk, horny animals. I am by no means a prude, but come on now, this is not a family environment.

Michelle Padron is a 34-year-old-wife and mother to a 13-year-old. She is originally from New Jersey but has lived in Hialeah for the past 15 years. She works full time in the administrative field.