The heat goes up on Friday night guy drama

Apr 26, 2018

8pm - 800 WORDS - Comedy/Drama

Weld has grown more accepting of the Turner presence, but George will have to work hard to integrate his family fully into the community. Focusing on life in town proves even more challenging as he and son Arlo must look to the outside world to bring back daughter Shay, who has run off to Sydney in search of a more cosmopolitan scene. Between healing a fractured family and managing the antics of his neighbors, George has his hands full, and new romantic interest only complicates things further.

IN THIS EPISODE: The summer people hit Weld with a vengeance. When a wave-ski wipes out Woody and puts him into a coma, Tracey finally realizes just how much he means to her. George unleashes a Twitter war.

9pm JACK IRISH - Crime Drama - a former criminal lawyer turned private investigator and debt collector.


Guy Pearce as JACK IRISH

Jack is still working with sculptor Sarah to find who killed her sister, and bodies start to accumulate. In the meantime, Linda is trying to get her bearings in Manila and is able to help Jack.