Graffiti Chic: Wynwood Walls Opens Gift Shop

Dec 6, 2012

The new mural at the Wynwood Walls by Shepard Fairey memorializes Wynwood developer Tony Goldman.
Credit Arianna Prothero

If you want something to take home from Art Basel that won’t break the bank, the Wynwood Walls now has a gift shop.

The paint smells like it hasn’t quite dried yet on the Go! Shop which opened on Tuesday.

And, if you’re looking for that perfect gift for the emerging graffiti artist in your family, the shop sells the same Krink brand spray paint the big time artists use.

“All of these are oil-based and hard to cover up, which is the point,” explained Lorena Barriento, who works in the shop. “And these are very cool because you can shoot paint from 40 feet away.”

The Go! Shop also has markers for tagging in both small and jumbo sizes.

Barriento explained you can’t just pick these supplies up at your local Home Depot. You normally would have to go straight to the manufacturer or to a graffiti boutique.

Among the other items for sale are books, mugs and prints that, Barriento said, help promote the artists at the Walls and on surrounding Wynwood streets.

The Go! Shop is open from noon to 11 p. m. every day during Art Basel. After that, the shop will be open three days a week on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.