Gov. Scott Pushes School Safety Reform In Palm Beach County

Mar 1, 2018

Gov. Rick Scott says he expects major school safety reform to pass by next Friday — the last day of the legislative session.

Scott pushed his $500 million plan at the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office Thursday.

Gov. Scott’s plan would include more law enforcement officers at schools, target hardening (making school buildings harder to attack or breach), more funding for mental health programs and keeping guns away from people who may be a threat to themselves or others.

“We have the money,” Scott said. “We have to spend the money.”

Sheriff Ric Bradshaw and Palm Beach County Schools Superintendent Robert Avossa stood with the governor and said they support the reform package.

Something none of them support: arming educators.

Teachers need to be focused on teaching, Avossa said.

“There is a major difference between a person who is trained in target practice than someone engaging in an active gunfight,” Avossa said.

Scott’s plan also calls for investments in a statewide “See Something, Say Something” hotline and mobile app.

Following up on warnings is critical to preventing future tragedies, according to Sheriff Bradshaw.

“If everything was done right, Parkland wouldn’t have happened,” Bradshaw said.