Free Your Mind at Peace In the Park

Mar 20, 2013

03/20/13 - Wednesday's Topical Currents is with British-born Jamaican percussionist Willie Stewart, a headliner at Peace in the Park Florida this weekend.  This festival of spirit also features WLRN Morning Edition host Wanda Myles.  In this delicate time of worldly imbalance, this community event offers an afternoon to unplug and experience a very special day of peace.

For decades, Willie Stewart was a stalwart drummer with the popular band Third World.  He’s doing a local scene in South Florida these days, teaching at-risk youngsters from the Big Brothers and Sisters organizations the art of drumming.  It may be a form of therapy and stress relief . . . but what you’ll hear is a delightful blend of African and Caribbean rhythm.  Topical Currents, Wednesday at 1pm on 91.3 WLRN-HD1.

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