Florida Lawmakers Ready To Strike Popular Energy Rebate Program From The Books

Apr 22, 2014

Homes and businesses using solar panels like these were eligible for rebates under a state program that ended in 2010.
Credit lkarrowhead26/flickr

An energy bill that is nearing passage in the Florida Legislature would strike an old solar rebate program from the books.

The program was more popular than expected, and when it ended in 2010, thousands of rebate holders hadn’t received all of the money they were due.

Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam has recommended that lawmakers clean up state statutes by eliminating the rebate program. Since the program has ended, he says it's no longer needed on the books.

Mike Antheil, executive director of the Florida Alliance for Renewable Energy, says by removing this statute, lawmakers are quietly smothering any hope the rebate holders have of getting their money back.

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