A Fight For Air Supremacy

Oct 1, 2017

8pm NAZI MEGA WEAPONS - History - This series uncovers the engineering feats that sparked a technological revolution and changed warfare forever.

 JET FIGHTER Me262 - Explore the most technologically advanced plane of World War II, the Messerschmitt Me262, a fighter jet that inspired a revolution in aerial warfare. Learn the remarkable story of an awe-inspiring aircraft, the subterranean bat-cave where it was built and the battle for air supremacy that decided the fate of the war.

9pm WORLD WAR II: THE PRICE OF EMPIRE - History - A tale of two wars that have often been labeled as a single, all-encompassing global clash: the War of the East and the War of the West. 

A MAP OF THE WORLD - We survey the inter­war years, the rise of dictators, Japan’s invasion of China, and the expansion of the Third Reich until the eve of the invasion of Poland. In the East Japan’s 1937 invasion of China has escalated into a full­scale conflict.


The bottle of 1896 Hennessy Cognac was uncorked in front of hundreds of people. The surviving World War II veterans from one of history’s greatest military missions were about to raise their silver goblets one last time ending a decades long tradition. It was time for the veterans to hold this final toast. They could wait no longer. Their numbers had dwindled to just a few.

(L-R): Lt. Col. Dick Cole, engineer gunner David Thatcher, one of Doolittle's Raiders and navigator Tom Griffin were four of the 80 Raiders who bombed Japan in April 1942.

Many of the names of the 80 flyers who took part in the April 18, 1942 raid on Japan may not be familiar to most, but collectively they will always be known in history as the Doolittle Tokyo Raiders.


Long ago these American flyers, aboard 16 B-25 bombers, had accomplished a daring mission that changed the morale of an entire nation. The aviators, led by famed commander Lt. Col. James Harold Doolittle, had taken the fight directly to the enemy for the first time in World War II and delivered payback for Japan’s sneak attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941.