Cuba's New Travel Rules May Cause An Influx

Jan 23, 2013

Wednesdays on WLRN, we take time out for discussions and stories concerning our hemispheric neighbors in Latin American and the Caribbean.

El Nuevo Herald reporter Juan Tamayo.
Credit Phil Latzman
New relaxed travel rules are now in effect in Cuba, making it easier for residents to journey off the island.  Why is it being done now?  What could it mean for Cubans wishing to come to the U.S.? Will there be an influx coming here indirectly, some joining family members in South Florida?  The Cuban government in Havana recently made some major changes when it comes to travel policy for its citizens, many of whom have been trapped on the island by the government, some for decades.

El Nuevo Herald reporter Juan Tamayo covers Cuba, and Cuban-American issues for the paper. His stories also appear in the Miami Herald. We discuss the changes and why they could result in many Cubans heading to the U. S.  indirectly.

What's likely to happen next? How is South Florida's "El Exilio" community reacting to the development?   Tamayo tells us.

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