Composer/Architect Discusses Airport Installation At Art Basel

Dec 7, 2012

Christopher Janney's sound and light installation for Miami International Airport was unveiled during last year's Art Basel Miami Beach. This year, he's back to discuss the piece on a panel during Design Miami, today (Friday, Dec. 7) at noon. 

Travelers arrive at MIA to the sounds and sights of Christopher Janney's Harmonic Convergence.
Credit Alicia Zuckerman / WLRN

Harmonic Convergence sits at the entrance/exit of the MIA Mover station and features a 72-foot wall of glass in 132 different colors, with sounds from throughout South Florida (tropical birds, the ocean, thunder, a bullfrog), piped though 14 channels. Janney says the piece is meant to invoke a sense of calm in a usually stressful environment. 

The installation recently won an international Solutia World of  Color Award (laminated glass manufactured by Solutia, Inc. is used in the piece). As an architect and a composer/musician, Janney is interested in how both disciplines affect each other. 

Harmonic Convergence is part of Miami-Dade County's Art in Public Places program.