Chaos, Queens and Castles

Nov 6, 2017

8pm A PLACE TO CALL HOME - Drama - Brimming with passion, romance, and intrigue, A PLACE TO CALL HOME explores the ties that hold families together – and the betrayals that can tear them apart. Season four continues following the lives of the complicated and wealthy Bligh family as they adapt to the rapid societal changes sweeping through 1950’s Australia.

AND THE BLIND SHALL SEE - Anna pushes Gino beyond his limit, meanwhile Sarah's advice helps Olivia find a new direction. 



The coronation of Elizabeth II was an enormous logistical operation, and an event of huge cultural significance. This fascinating documentary reveals the behind the scenes story of the momentous occasion, drawing on unseen archives and made with the co-operation of Buckingham Palace. The coronation was seen as an opportune moment for the British royal family to establish the meaning of the modern monarchy – reinforcing the idea of continuity and tradition, while establishing the new reign of the young queen and her modernizing consort.



 The castles of Britain may appear romantic, but hidden within their walls are tales of intrigue and violence. In the this series historian and author Dan Jones returns to uncover the dramatic stories behind a new set of iconic fortifications, including Edinburgh Castle, a fortress whose sordid history inspired the shocking ‘Red Wedding’ episode of Game of Thrones; Leeds Castle, an idyllic structure owned by six medieval queens and an American-born heiress; and Lancaster Castle, one of Britain’s oldest and most notorious strongholds.


Lancaster Castle - Dan Jones is exploring one of the oldest – and most fearsome — castles ever built. 

Dating back to Roman times, Lancaster Castle, owned by The Duchy of Lancaster, has witnessed scenes of historical, cultural and political significance throughout the centuries, including incidents of religious persecution, the trials of the "Lancashire Witches" and 200 executions. Until 2011 it was an HM Prison and it is still a working Crown Court.