Caribbean Airlines Flights Resume After Pilots' Sick-Out

Jul 2, 2014


Due to a labor dispute, dozens of Caribbean Airlines pilots called in sick Tuesday, leaving hundreds of passengers stranded.

Nearly all of the Trinidad-based airline's flights were disrupted across the Caribbean and in major hubs such as Miami, New York and London.

Airline spokesman Clint Williams says the company is in touch with travelers affected by the sick-out and has provided alternate flights for them.

"Naturally getting the flight that you paid for and getting to your  event, your family gatherings, your graduation -- all of these thing we know are important," he says.

The airline posted an apology on its website and shared an internal memo from CEO Michael DiLollo.

“This unfortunate situation has disrupted our scheduled services at the beginning of our critical summer season, during which we count most on our operational crews to demonstrate reliability and service for our loyal customers," DiLollo writes.

As of Wednesday, most flights have resumed as scheduled.