Art You Can Walk On: Remnants Of Art Basel Line Wynwood Sidewalks

Dec 10, 2012

This is for all the times that you wanted to step on a piece of art.

During Art Basel week, Miami’s Wynwood neighborhood becomes a virtual factory of street art. And by street, we mean "on the ground."

This ground work is usually passed by without a second glance in this part of town. Most of the work is done with stencils  and the same images and phrases can be found lining the area's streets, even in other parts of the city.

What differentiates these works from those found on murals and in galleries, other than the time and effort going into them, is that they have an effect on the atmosphere of the neighborhood for a very long time. Murals get painted over and galleries change exhibits but a piece of work  found on the sidewalk or the city street is likely to be around for a very long time.

Late Sunday night, I took a stroll through the neighborhood with my head down to see what I would stumble onto. Please keep in mind,  this is far from a catalog of all that can be found.

Have you seen something that I missed? Feel free to tweet us a picture @WLRN and we will add it to the slideshow.

Now, let’s go step on some art.