2016, Here They Come: Rubio Uses Iowa Trip To Launch Himself And The GOP Revamp

Nov 19, 2012

U. S. Senator Marco Rubio spent the weekend in Iowa where he starred at the 66th birthday party of Republican governor Terry  Branstad and, as many believe, soft-launched a GOP 2.0 presidential campaign.

Rubio In Iowa: Only 38 months until caucus time.
Credit DonkeyHotey on flickr

As Politico reports this morning, the Republicans are losing no time putting GOP 1.0 in their rear-view mirror.

The appearance of the Republican Party’s most prominent Latino face in Iowa — a state President Barack Obama won by six points on Election Day — was no casual drop-by after the drubbing Mitt Romney took among Hispanics nationally.

Republicans are looking to Rubio to help guide the party out of the past in which its base is aging, white men and into the future when it can appeal to young, female and more diverse voters, most crucially Latinos. And the first-term Florida senator is happy to help light the way.”

Rubio's trip to the state that President Obama won by six points this month may also have provided cold turkey relief to people who couldn't stand to see the 2012 presidential campaign come to an end.

For those of you still jonesing for the contest, here's a list of possible 2016 Democratic candidates, each with odds of receiving the nomination. And here’s the companion list of Republicans. Go easy on this. It's still 1,100 days or so until the Iowa caucuses.