2012-2013 Florida Elementary And Middle School Grades

Jul 26, 2013

The State Board of Education changed state rules so that no school could lose more than one letter grade in 2012-2013.

The Florida Department of Education released 2013 elementary and middle school grades, part of the state’s school accountability system.

For more details on how the grades are calculated, check out the Florida Department of Education website. In general, the grades are a combination of the percentage of students scoring “satisfactory” or higher (those scores vary by test) on Florida Comprehensive Assessment Tests and the percentage of students whose FCAT scores improved from one year to the next.

The data includes each component of the school’s score and demographic data.

The department says the released data is still subject to revision and a school may appeal its grade. High school grades use a different formula and will be released later this year.

Visit StateImpact.npr.org/Florida to see how each school district performed.