160 Florida Men Named In Boy Scouts' Documents Stemming From Sex Abuse Case

Oct 18, 2012

At least 160 Florida men are on the list of  1,247 former Boy Scout leaders and volunteers accused of sexually abusing young scouts from the years between 19-65 and 19-85.

The information comes out of a lawsuit filed in Oregon by a firm that won an $18 million dollar judgment against the Boy Scouts two years ago.

Oregon Public Radio also pressed for the release of the documents.

Lawyers in that case say the Boy Scouts of America kept careful records of the suspects and allegations by flagging them as "ineligible to volunteer."

But they were never reported to authorities.

We spoke with Jeffrey Herman,  a South Florida attorney who has represented many victims abused by Catholic priests.

He says this resembles the same type of cover-up.

Herman says many, but not all of those suspected of abuse were single men with no children of their own in Scouting.

No names of the alleged victims will be released.