EEO Public File Report


EEO Public File Report

October 1, 2014

This EEO Public File Report is filed in Stations WLRN-FM’s and WLRN-TV’s Public Inspection file pursuant to Section 73.2080(c)(6) of the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) rules.

Since October 2013, stations WLRN-FM and WLRN-TV have filled the following full-time position:

1.    Television Master Control Supervisor
All fulltime positions are advertised on the website for Miami-Dade County Schools (MDCPS), which is the licensee of WLRN-FM and WLRN-TV, and are posted on bulletin boards in schools and administrative worksites.  Jobs requiring special skills unavailable in the school system’s workforce are advertised in local, regional or national newspapers or trade publications.

The Television Master Control position was filled on 09/16/14 through an internal MDCPS search process.  
- Advertised on MDCPS website
- Posted on bulletin boards in schools and administrative worksites
- Announced internally

Three (3) candidates applied for the position and two were interviewed.  The candidate hired became aware of the position through an internal announcement and the MDCPS website.

Management level personnel of MDCPS, including managers at WLRN-FM and WLRN-TV, are given opportunities in training methods of ensuring Equal Employment Opportunity and preventing discrimination.
During the Term, WLRN participated in the following supplemental recruitment initiatives:

1.    Continuation of an internship program designed to assist members of the community to acquire skills needed for employment within public media.

The WLRN Internship Program:

This yearly program, for local university, college, and high school students offers opportunities for unpaid and academic credit internships in various station departments.  The goal of the program  is to provide students with an opportunity to learn and develop practical skills through real work experience.  Staff members who oversee interns often maintain relationships with them for future part-time or fulltime opportunities at WLRN or openings at other broadcast stations in the area.

Since October 2013 the WLRN Internship Program consisted of the following:

Tomas Pena, iPrep Senior High, Wednesday-Thursday-Friday (4 hours each day=12hrs each week)
Beth Leone, iPrep Senior High, Wednesday-Thursday-Friday (4 hours each day=12 hrs. each week)
Salina Bujosa, iPrep Senior High, Wednesday-Thursday-Friday (4 hours each day=12hrs each week)
Kourtney Rodgers, Barry University, Wednesday-Thursday-Friday (6 hours each day=18 hrs. each week) April through June
Yanyue Hong, Barry University, Wednesday-Thursday-Friday (6 hours each day=18 hrs. each week) October through November
Isabel Murillo, Nova University, Thursday-Friday (4 hours each day=8 hrs. each week) October through December
Jared Gair, University of Florida, Thursday-Friday (4 hours each day=8hrs each week) October through February
Alexis Crowley from Florida International University, Thursday-Friday (4 hours each day=8hrs each week) October through June
Sarah Abdulla - University Miami.  Monday through Friday (4 hours each day=20hrs each week) January - April 2014

2.    Participation in job fairs by station personnel who have substantial responsibility in the making of hiring decisions.
WLRN provided staff to attend several career day and job fairs to provide information about WLRN and careers in radio, television, and public media.

WLRN staff attended several career day and job fairs to help explain and hopefully intrigue students to become interested in careers in broadcasting.  Schools visited include:
Dunbar Elementary    Madison Middle School
Arthur & Polly Mays Conservatory    Hialeah Gardens Senior High
Fulford Elementary    Toussaint L’Ouverture Elementary  
Downtown Primary Learning Center    Turner Technical High School
Westland Senior High     Hibiscus Elementary
John A. Ferguson High School    Miami Beach High School
Robert Morgan Educational Center    Florida International University
Downtown iPrep High Schools                   Barry University
Miami Senior High School    Nova University
Suncoast Career Day at UM

A senior staff member is president of the local National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences and participated in disseminating information about WLRN at the following job fairs:

  • Florida International University
  • Miami International Art Institute
  • Fort Lauderdale International Art Institute
  • Miami-Dade College
  • Broward College
  • Florida Memorial College
  • Barry College
  • NATAS Career Day

3.    Participation in other activities designed to further the goal of disseminating information as to employment opportunities in broadcasting to job candidates who might otherwise be unaware of such opportunities.
In May of 2013 WLRN established a summer journalism program for college women and minorities.  The mission of the program is to provide radio, print, and on-line experience by working inside the WLRN and Miami Herald newsrooms.  WLRN News offers interns significant professional experience in a supportive environment. These are not coffee-making internships.  Interns work with some of the most innovative and passionate professionals in the industry, and receive helpful career guidance throughout the experience.  Internships last 12 weeks, and interns receive a stipend.
This summer the program was expanded to include:
Radio internship (1 slot)
Radio interns who join our newsroom are trusted with the responsibilities of a general assignment reporter or producer. They pitch their own story ideas, do background research, arrange and conduct interviews with sources, write stories for broadcast and web, and produce audio packages.  Feedback and support are given through staff mentorships and strategic coaching. By working with staff reporters and editors, and attending workshops in the newsroom, interns develop professional journalistic skills and receive career training and advice.

Digital internship (1 slot)
WLRN's digital internship offers students the chance to learn how to run a news website and how to conceive stories across different platforms. Interns will work closely with WLRN's digital editor, building posts for web and social-media profiles, and participating in interactivity projects and audience engagement.  Interns will have opportunities to pitch and work with reporters to translate radio pieces into visual storytelling, turn radio spots into news pieces for the web, and aid in conceptualizing and executing WLRN's award-winning special projects and series. Most importantly, they will learn the importance of community engagement in a public-radio environment.  Skills acquired from the WLRN digital internship will include news and feature writing, journalistic photo and video editing, radio production, web production and social-media management. Interest in news writing, feature writing and multimedia storytelling is required. Knowledge of AP Style and copy-editing skills preferred.

2014 summer interns were:
Ms.Jephie Bernard, radio intern: Florida Atlantic University senior from Palm Beach County.
Ms.Selima Hussain, digital intern: Florida International University May 2014 graduate from Broward County.
Ms.Constanza Gallardo: FIU senior, international student from Mexico - Scripps-Howard internship, chosen for WLRN by FIU journalism associate dean (fully-paid by Scripps-Howard).
Ms.Carla Javier: Princeton University junior from Tennessee, majority of internship supported by Princeton University alumni group, with some support from WLRN.