WLRN TV Schedule

Friday, April 24
12:30 PM
Bob the Builder
“Tumbler's Big Day”
Bob and crew build a radio station for Sunflower Valley, causing Flex to wonder what kind of show he should host; Tumbler tries to hide the fact that he can't skate.
1:00 PM
Dinosaur Train
“Tiny's Fishing Friend; Butterflies”
Tiny meets a Jurassic mammal that looks like a cross between a beaver, otter and platypus; and Don befriends a butterfly that he names Dan.
1:30 PM
Super WHY!
“The Frog Prince”
The Super Readers venture into "The Frog Prince," where they help the princess and frog; and learn the value of compromise.
2:00 PM
Sesame Street
“Friendship Day!”
Zoe learns to choose her words carefully after she hurts Elmo's feelings.
3:00 PM
Martha Speaks
“Alice Covers Up; Carolina Picks a Lily”
Alice may miss a pool party; Carolina adopts a puppy that fits in her purse, but has second thoughts when the gang point out it will eventually outgrow the pocketbook.
3:30 PM
“Big Horns George; Bleep”
Singers Koko Taylor and Taj Mahal encourage George to sing the blues; D.W. wants to know the meaning of a word that made a boy's mom almost faint when he said it.
4:00 PM
“A Few Words From WordGirl; Ears to You”
WordGirl is asked to give a speech on Inspiration Day, but worries she won't live up to expectations; WordGirl tries to stop Mr. Big's latest mind-control plot, which involves squishy bunny ears.
4:30 PM
Wild Kratts
The brothers stumble upon a roadrunner in the Sonoran Desert.
5:00 PM
Sid the Science Kid
“Must See TV”
Sid learns the value of exercise after a weekend of watching TV leaves him feeling lousy.
5:30 PM
Curious George
“Much Ado About Nothing; What Goes Up”
George sets out to make compost for some hungry plants, but his initial efforts lead to a mess in the backyard; George tries to reduce the time needed for an unpleasant task, but winds up creating more work for himself.
6:00 PM
Antiques Roadshow
Conclusion. In Bismarck, N.D., items include a Santa Claus oil and advertisement by Hadden Sundblom, who painted Coca-Cola's Santa paintings from about 1931 to '65; a 1778 letter from George Washington; and two Irish dragoon swallowtail guidon flags.
7:00 PM
Weird Florida: On the Road Again
Unusual attractions in the Sunshine State are visited, including a supposedly haunted restaurant in Rockledge; mysterious ruins in New Smyrna; Sarasota's Biggest Littlest Circus; and an underwater cemetery in Key Biscayne.
8:00 PM
Shakespeare Uncovered
“Richard II With Derek Jacobi”
Derek Jacobi examines "Richard II," which he starred in for the BBC in 1978. He details the political aspects of the play that still resonate in the modern age, and coaches actors at the Globe who are acting in it.
9:00 PM
DCI Banks
“Bad Boy”
The murder of a club DJ is investigated.
10:30 PM
The Reagan Presidency
Conclusion. A chronicle of Ronald Reagan's 1981-89 presidency, featuring archival footage and remarks from administration members, foreign leaders, members of Congress, scholars and journalists.
11:30 PM
Into the Wild: Edison, Ford & Friends
Recalling the camping trips in Florida and elsewhere in the U.S., taken by Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, tire magnate Harvey Firestone and nature writer John Burroughs in the 1910s and '20s.