What You Need To Know About Florida's Ballot Measures

This November, Floridians will decide the fate of 11 ballot measures, which are the proposed changes to our state Constitution. WLRN, along with other NPR member stations, the Florida Center for Investigative Reporting and Votersedge.org, have profiled 4 of those proposed changes. Here at WLRN.org we are also taking a look at the other 7 amendments as we get closer to Nov. 6.


Constitutional Amendments
5:54 pm
Mon October 15, 2012

Where Florida's 11 Ballot Measures Came From

Florida's ballot this year contains proposed changes to the state's Constitution that only come from Tallahassee.
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This year, every proposed change to our state's Constitution placed on the ballot came from the state Legislature.

Experts and activists say that this is because getting an amendment on the ballot in Florida is harder than ever before for citizens, yet significantly easier for state lawmakers.

What Happened to Citizen-led Petitions?

Robin Rorapaugh of Hollywood is the president of a political consulting company that helps groups who want to get an issue on a ballot.

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