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WLRN Original Documentaries

Producing award winning original programs remains a high priority for WLRN. Take a closer look at some of the incredible stories that we have had the pleasure of producing for our South Florida viewers.

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Midsomer Murders (9 pm)

When council clerk Martin Barrett is shot dead, Barnaby and Jones discover he was an expert blackmailer. As they investigate which of his victims hated him enough to kill him, the trail leads to Fennacombe Bay. Why are Richard and Maggie Florian spending so much time at sea and could police committee chairman Sir John Waverley have a scandal in his past? With the help of a policeman turned fisherman, Barnaby takes to the waves to find out.

Vera - Ghost Position (9 pm)

Vera rushes to the hospital to tend to her former colleague Sergeant Stuart Macken whose 18-year-old daughter Stella is in a coma thanks to a petrol bomb attack on their house. Fetching him a coffee, Vera turns back helplessly just in time to watch Stuart jump to his death on the hospital lobby four floors below. Who firebombed Stuart's house, and why would he commit suicide and leave behind his still-living daughter?

DCI Banks: Wednesday's Child (9 pm)

Midsomer Murders: Vixen's Run (9 pm)

Lost family jewels, secret priest holes, missing wills and, of course, murder all revealed when Barnaby finds himself investigating among the aristocracy following the death of Sir Freddy Butler. As always in Midsomer, the dark, long forgotten secrets and liaisons are unearthed. In classic murder mystery style Barnaby gathers all the suspects in the drawing room at the climax, revealing their motives in order to trick the murderer into giving themselves away. There is also a hint of romance for DC Ben Jones.


World War II: 1941 and The Man of Steel (8 pm)

Marking the 70th anniversary of the Nazi invasion of the Soviet Union in 1941, historian Professor David Reynolds re-assesses Stalin's role in the life and death struggle between Germany and Russia in World War Two, which, he argues, was ultimately more critical for British survival than 'Our Finest Hour' in the Battle of Britain itself.

Midsomer Murders: Dead Letters (9 pm)

Midsomer Barton is celebrating Oak Apple week when tragic mother Marion Slade is found drowned. It looks like suicide, driven by grief for her dead daughter, a former carnival queen. Barnaby investigates and is shaken by two villagers who look like murder victims from his past. When another body is found, it appears the festivities have stirred up a cocktail of adultery, contempt, unrequited love and revenge lurking within the village.


Vera - The Crow Trap (9 pm)

Vera  takes a trip down memory lane when called to the Black Law area of Northumberland, a place where she spent many a day with her recently passed father. Bella Furness, a local in her late 50s living in the nearby farmhouse with her stroke-debilitated husband Dougie, has been found murdered in her barn, dead from a head wound caused by a lump hammer. Could Bella's public protests against a construction project have anything to do with her death?  Tune in to find out. 

Quirke (8 pm)

Quirke (we never get to know his Christian name) is the chief pathologist in the Dublin city morgue – a charismatic loner whose job takes him into unexpected places as he uncovers the secrets of sudden death in 1950s Dublin. It’s a rich and smouldering world along whose smoky streets and damp alleys Quirke goes from bars that glimmer with peat fires and whiskey to elegant Dublin houses brimming with sexual tension. It’s a time full of mystery, secrets and intrigue.


Whitechapel (10 pm)

The intrepid Whitechapel investigative team tracked down a blood-thirsty Jack the Ripper copycat and faced off against the gangster brutality of a new generation of Krays. But now they are faced with a whole new set of challenges…