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WLRN Original Documentaries

Producing award winning original programs remains a high priority for WLRN. Take a closer look at some of the incredible stories that we have had the pleasure of producing for our South Florida viewers.

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It’s the 1920s in Melbourne and Phryne is asked to investigate the puzzling death of a famous author and illustrator of fairy stories. To do so, Phryne takes a job within the women’s magazine that employed the victim and finds herself enmeshed in her colleagues’ deceptions. But while Phryne is learning the ins and outs of magazine publishing first hand, her personal life is thrown into chaos. Impatient for her lover Lin Chung’s imminent return from a silk-buying expedition to China, she instead receives an unusual summons from Lin Chung’s family followed by a series of mysterious assaults and warnings.


This new two-part, four-hour film examines Disney’s complex life and enduring legacy, featuring rare archival footage from the Disney vaults, scenes from some of his greatest films, and interviews with biographers, animators and artists who worked on early films, including "Snow White," and the designers who helped turn his dream of Disneyland into reality.

DOC MARTIN: Uneasy Lies the Head 

Martin is still in a bit of shock at Louisa's return and her present condition. She makes it quite plain that she expects nothing of Martin and moves into a room at the pub. She also gets a job teaching at the school, but the new headmaster who replaced her, Mr. Strain, is acting quite oddly. Aunt Joan is thrilled at Louisa's return and that she is pregnant and even offers her a place to stay at her cottage. Martin feels left out of it all and doesn't quite know what to do. As for the headmaster, Martin has also noticed some odd behavior and all it takes is a urine sample to diagnose his problem. Martin also has to deal with a patient who asks him if there is a cure for being gay.

Teacher's Pet

Sep 28, 2015

LILIES - Tough, sexy, funny and heartbreaking, Lilies details the lives of Iris, May and Ruby Moss - Catholic sisters coming of age in Liverpool. Familial love sustains them, and their fortunes are bound to those of their brother and their father.

IN THIS EPISODE: The Serpent - When Billy inadvertently brings home a snake, a local teacher invites Mr. Moss to discuss the exotic reptile in her class. But their relationship soon turns romantic--to the horror of his daughters. Iris, Ruby and May are angry when Dadda reveals he is in love with the local school mistress and they feel he is betraying their mother's memory.   Elsewhere, Iris wants to become a nun, Ruby is seeing the local butcher, and May starts dating lovelorn postman Frank. Then May drops a bombshell, she's pregnant.

MISS FISHER'S MURDER MYSTERIES :  A glamorous woman of the 20’s Phryne Fisher fights injustice with her pearl-handled pistol and her dagger sharp wit.

IN THIS EPISODE: Murder in Montparnasse - As a young woman in Paris after the war, Phryne posed for the famous artist Pierre Sarcelle. Now, 10 years later, Sarcelle’s widow arrives in Melbourne asking for her late husband’s paintings. When she suddenly disappears, Phryne discovers the connection between Mme Sarcelle and the death of an Australian war veteran who witnessed the ‘accidental’ death of Sarcelle at Montparnasse train station. As Phryne delves into this investigation, she remembers her own days in Paris and her first love. The two worlds collide as Phryne tracks down the murderer – but Jack is the man who gives her the courage to confront her past.

FOYLE'S WAR: As WW2 rages around the world, DCS Foyle fights his own war on the home-front as he investigates crimes on the south coast of England.

IN THIS EPISODE: Enemy Fire - February 1941: When a manor house is commandeered as a special burn unit for treating injured RAF pilots, Foyle is called in to investigate a series of accidents.

Whitechapel - Detectives in London's Whitechapel district deal with murders which replicate historical crimes.

Ambitious DI Joseph Chandler is assigned an open-and-shut case, the killing of a woman in the East End of London. Get a quick result, he is told, and you will get the promotion you have been waiting for. Unfortunately for him, however, things don't turn out to be so straight forward. The investigation quickly runs out of suspects until Edward Buchan, a renowned Ripperologist, draws the police's attention to the similarities between the Jack the Ripper killings in 1888 and the modern-day murder that Chandler is investigating. The race begins to catch the copycat killer before he strikes again.

DOC MARTIN - Better The Devil 

Martin is still in Port Wenn, on his own, but is starting to think his time there is coming to an end. He still has to deal with his phobia, but is trying his best to overcome it. When Aunt Joan's friend has an accident, Martin realizes that he is still a better surgeon than the old friend, Edith Montgomery, who is treating her. Edith was once a girlfriend and she seems to have rekindled an interest in him. With the possibility of a return to London on his mind, he also treats Clive Tishell who is very hard of hearing and who insists that his deafness is permanent. Martin has a shock however when Louisa shows up at his door with some special - and somewhat obvious - news.

LILIES  - A coming of age tale of three Catholic sisters Iris, May and Ruby, living in 1920's Liverpool.

IN THIS EPISODE: The Release - As May makes every effort to conceal her condition, Ruby takes up with a group of newfound friends who introduce her to liberating modern ideas: feminism and vegetarianism. May, however, seeks release of a different sort from her predicament and when she  becomes dangerously ill, Ruby is forced to make a choice between her friends and family.

Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries - Phyrne Fisher's is a glamorous woman of the 1920's who fights crime with her pearl handles pistol and dagger sharp wit.