That's So Miami
7:38 am
Wed May 1, 2013

Winners Of Our 'That's So Miami' Poetry Contest

Arlo Haskell, winner of Best Ode to Miami category
Robert Zuckerman

Love or hate Miami, the subject inspired so many beautiful, thoughtful and sometimes even funny verses for our "That's So Miami" project. It was impossible for us to pick the best.  So we asked you to do it!   

Based on your online votes, here are the five category winners and their poems: 

Best Ode to Miami Spanglish - Lauren Fernandez, Miami

Exciting and Extravagant.
Guajiros in Bentleys.
Tostones and Champagne.
That’s so Miami.

Best Ode to Miami Food - Cristina Rodriguez, Miami

Thanksgiving in Miami

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That's So Miami
1:31 pm
Wed April 24, 2013

We Really Love Driving! Vote For The Best 'Traffic Ballad'

Credit @toocleverbyhalf on Instagram

All month long, WLRN and our partners at O, Miami Poetry Festival have been collecting poems either starting or ending in "That's So Miami" and compiling them on our Tumblr page. We have seen some amazing poems, and as the month begins to wind down, we decided to put the best theme poems up for a vote.

A universal favorite among Miamians: traffic.

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South Florida Traffic
8:00 am
Tue February 5, 2013

Study Makes It Clear: SoFla Traffic Is Terrible

TIME SUCK: South Floridians spent an average of 47 hours waiting in traffic in 2011, an hour more than the year before.

Researchers at the Texas Transportation Institute have quantified what most South Florida drivers already know deep in their guts: they are wasting more time, money and gasoline than ever sitting in worsening traffic.

The bottom line for the average commuter in 2011: 47 hours standing still behind the wheel, an increase of an hour over the previous year.

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Traffic Woes
11:44 am
Thu January 24, 2013

Your Comments: 'Driving In Florida Is NOT For Beginners'

Florida we love you, but not the way you drive.

That about sums up the audience reaction to something that Marketplace Morning Report host Jeremy Hobson mentioned on Wednesday morning.

New Florida Laws
6:30 am
Wed January 2, 2013

Headlight Speed Trap Warnings Now Legal

FREEDOM TO FLASH: It is now your right as a Floridian to flash your high beams as a speed trap warning to oncoming cars.

Motorists who notice radar-equipped police cars hiding behind bushes and under overpasses, and then flash their high-beams to warn other drivers, haven’t always been rewarded for their concern.

On the contrary. A lot of them have gotten tickets for those little acts of kindness and roadway solidarity. But, just maybe, no more.

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