Framed For Murder

Jan 24, 2016


Foyle probes the mysterious motives of James Devereaux, a former POW and member of the British Free Corps, who refuses to defend himself against treason charges from the executioner's noose. This is a case that will shatter Foyle’s personal world to the core.


Scientist relish the wealth of data available from the Chelyabinsk meteor impact to determine, for the first time, the physical details of a large meteor strike. A blinding flash of light streaked across the Russian sky, followed by a shuddering blast strong enough to damage buildings and send more than 1,000 people to the hospital.

Doc Martin Ever After on WLRN - TV

Jan 19, 2016

Doc Martin: Ever After (8:00 pm)

Martin is approaching the end of his stay in the village and Louisa needs his help, perhaps for the last time. Flu is making its rounds and she's quite busy at school with the cook away ill as well. Her mother is still recovering from her operation so she asks Martin to care for James for the day. He gladly agrees but when Mrs. Tichell the local chemist offers to care for him - she's in the surgery with her husband Clive who is just back from working on the oil rigs - Martin agrees. Unbeknown to anyone however, she has been self-medicating and is having a psychotic episode. She believes she and Martin are in love with one another and she runs off to their secret hideaway. A chase ensues but the end result is that Martin and Louisa have one last opportunity to try and make up their differences.

DCI BANKS: A Piece of My Heart

Extreme Cave Diving

Jan 13, 2016


Follow a fearless team of scientists and divers explore blue holes, submerged caves in the Bahamas to uncover the history of the islands and clues to the Earth's climate changes. These underwater caves were formed during the last ice age, when sea level was nearly 400 feet below what it is today. These caves, little-known treasures of the Bahamas, are one of Earth's least explored and most dangerous frontiers. In the process they experience many perils.

Doc Martin - Cats and Sharks (8:00 pm)

Threatened by loan sharks, Bert Large can't afford to host a charity event for a cat sanctuary. PC Penhale intervenes, and Eleanor comes up with a way to bring more customers to Bert's restaurant. Meanwhile, Martin makes plans to leave Portwenn in a week.

DCI Banks: Wednesday's Child (9 pm)

In this two-part documentary, Martin Clunes travels the world to uncover some of the remarkable and unique relationships between man and beast from birds to bears, pets to primates, involving ancient and modern techniques and partnerships.  Martin observes humans and animals working side by side in ways that have existed and evolved for centuries. 

Part 1 airs January 11th - Martin begins his journey in Nepal, where the cow is sacred, and ownership symbolizes wealth, strength and abundance. In the countryside virtually every household has a cowshed.

Part 2 airs January 18th - Martin looks at how pet ownership in Japan is scaling new heights of intensity. For many years there have been more dogs and cats than children. Now more than 24 million cats and dogs share the pavements of Japan.

NOVA: Inside Einstein's Mind

On November 25th, 1915, Einstein published his greatest work: general relativity. The theory transformed our understanding of nature’s laws and the entire history of the cosmos, reaching back to the origin of time itself. Now, in celebration of the 100th anniversary of Einstein’s achievement, NOVA tells the inside story of Einstein’s masterpiece. The story begins with the intuitive thought experiments that set Einstein off on his quest and traces the revolution in cosmology that is still playing out in today’s labs and observatories. Discover the simple but powerful ideas at the heart of relativity, illuminating the theory—and Einstein’s brilliance—as never before. From the first spark of an idea to the discovery of the expanding universe, the Big Bang, black holes, and dark energy, NOVA uncovers the inspired insights and brilliant breakthroughs of “the perfect theory.”

DOC MARTIN: Remember Me (8 pm)

Joe Penhale is shocked when his ex-wife Maggie, seemingly amnesiac and believing that they are still married, arrives in Portwenn. Not to upset her, he plays along but eventually has to seek Martin's advice. Martin also treats fisherman Paul Hale, an old flame of Eleanor, who has Addison's disease but Louisa is shocked to find her mother is still playing the field. Heavily in debt Bert Large falls in with the local loan shark but at least Louisa and Martin get round to naming the baby

A PLACE TO CALL HOME A thoroughly addictive drama brimming with secrets, passion, romance, and intrigue, A Place to Call Home explores the ties that hold families together and the betrayals that can tear them apart.

IN THIS EPISODE: TRUE TO YOUR HEART - Elizabeth is released from hospital and is informed of George and Sarah's affair. After tension builds between himself and Harry, James and Olivia decide it best to move to Sydney. Carolyn reveals she is Anna's mother. Sarah slaps Regina after an incredibly racist comment. Despite Elizabeth's threats to disown him, George proposes to Sarah.

MISS FISHER'S MURDER MYSTERIES: Private detective Phryne Fisher solves mysteries with her dagger sharp wit and pearl handled pistol.

IN THIS EPISODE: Deadweight - A gang leader is found dead outside a traveling boxing tent and Phryne's investigation leads her into the dangerous but thrilling world of fight rigging & tribal payback. Hugh Collins' side project, working to reform at-risk young men, suddenly becomes front and center.

FOYLE'S WAR: Killing Time

Foyle investigates a case which is complicated by racial prejudice. Sam and Adam are now running a dilapidated local guest house where Mandy Dean is one of the residents. Disowned by her family, she is a young, vulnerable mother all alone because of the hostility leveled against her and her mixed-race baby. Her ex-boyfriend returns hoping to win her back, but then she is found murdered, and the finger of suspicion points to a black GI at the nearby US military base - the father of her child.


The Earth’s Natural Wonders series tells the stories of some of our planet’s most spectacular places and how they have shaped the lives of those who live there.

Across the world there are a handful of breath-taking sights — Mount Everest, the Grand Canyon, the Amazon rainforest – and while these natural wonders are awe-inspiring, they do not stand in splendid isolation. People and animals live in these places, and each wonder has shaped their existence in fundamental ways.

Many of Earth’s natural wonders are among the world’s most inhospitable environments and so present unique challenges for their inhabitants. See how the people who live in some of our natural wonders overcome those challenges – and the ingenuity and bravery needed to make a living here.