8pm MAN & BEAST WITH MARTIN CLUNES - Nature/Documentary

In this two-part documentary, Martin Clunes travels the world to uncover some of the remarkable and unique relationships between man and beast from birds to bears, pets to primates, involving ancient and modern techniques and partnerships.  Martin observes humans and animals working side by side in ways that have existed and evolved for centuries. 

Part 1 - Martin begins his journey in Nepal, where the cow is sacred, and ownership symbolizes wealth, strength and abundance. In the countryside virtually every household has a cowshed.

TONIGHT'S EPISODE: Part 2 - Martin looks at how pet ownership in Japan is scaling new heights of intensity. For many years there have been more dogs and cats than children. Now more than 24 million cats and dogs share the pavements of Japan.


IN THIS EPISODE: Gillian is devastated when Celia inadvertently reveals a secret she has kept since she was 15. Alan and Gillian's already fractious relationship suffers as he distances himself further from her. Kate feels awkward around Lawrence, who finds his mom's new relationship difficult to accept.

This Wild Life

7pm THIS WILD LIFE: Elephant Baby Boom - Nature/Documentary - Wildlife expert Saba Douglas-Hamilton with her husband Frank and their three young children, move to the romantic Samburu National Preserve in Kenya to run a Safari Camp for the first time.

The team gear up to celebrate the end of the tourist season Samburu style.  With the rains on their way, Saba and the team watch over elephant mothers about to give birth as Frank and David try to safeguard the future of Samburu's spectacular wildlife. 

7:30pm WONDER OF ANIMALS: Bats - Nature/Documentary

Bats have colonized remote corners of the planet to become one of the most widespread mammals on earth. Chris Packham explores their incredible anatomy, physiology and senses to understand what enables them to thrive in some surprising places.  Tiny hairs on their wings give them a detailed airflow map during flight, heat sensors on the nose of vampire bats means they can sense the most blood rich areas of a prey's body and iron oxide particles in the bat brain may act as a compass allowing them to find the most direct route back to the roost.   

The Best of Burt Bacharach

Jun 16, 2016
TJL Productions

Out of Thin Air

7pm MYSTERY OF MATTER: Search For The Elements - Science/History/Education 

The Mystery of Matter: Search for the Elements is an exciting series about one of the great adventures in the history of science: the long and continuing quest to understand what the world is made of. Three episodes tell the story of seven of history’s most important scientists as they seek to identify, understand and organize the basic building blocks of matter.

IN THIS EPISODE: Out of Thin Air - One of science’s great odd couples — British minister Joseph Priestley and French tax administrator Antoine Lavoisier — together discover a fantastic new gas called oxygen, overturning the reigning theory of chemistry and triggering a worldwide search for new elements. Soon caught up in the hunt is science’s first great showman, a precocious British chemist named Humphry Davy, who dazzles London audiences with his lectures, introduces them to laughing gas and turns the battery into a powerful tool in the search for new elements. 

KEY WEST WRECKERS - A WLRN Original Production (History/Documentary)


SERIES PREMIERE Monday June 27th at 10pm on WLRN-TV

Detective Inspector Kate "Ash" Ashurst and Detective Sergeant Emma "Scribbs" Scribbins make up the sexy, sassy, crime-busting duo who solve murders in the sleepy suburban town of Middleford. Kate, a graduate of a posh girls' academy, has a sharp, analytical mind; her working-class partner, Emma, relies on her instincts. Together this  investigative team uncovers the dark urges behind suburban Middleford's placid facade.  

8pm LAST TANGO IN HALIFAX - Drama -  Alan and Celia, both widowed and in their seventies, rekindle a relationship that fate stole.

Childhood sweethearts Alan and Celia, both widowed and in their 70s, fall for each other all over again when they are reunited over the internet after nearly 60 years.

IN THIS EPISODE: Alan and Celia's first day as husband and wife is filled with tension. A new arrival surprises everyone, most of all Gillian. Caroline finds a way to buy John out of the house, but will Kate's desire to have a baby threaten their relationship?


7 pm THIS WILD LIFE: Monkeys In The Kitchen - Nature/Documentary

Wildlife expert Saba Douglas-Hamilton, together with her husband Frank and their three young children, move to the romantic Samburu National Reserve in Kenya to run a safari camp for the first time.

IN THIS EPISODE: With the drought biting hard, food is in short supply and cheeky monkeys are taking over the family's safari camp. With water running short, Saba is struggling to give her guests the experience they expect. Frank and David set off on a dangerous mission to help the biggest bull elephant in northern Kenya.


Doc Martin Revealed - Comedy/Behind-the Scenes 

Revealed features behind-the-scenes footage from the  DOC MARTIN series (Season 6) shot on location in Port Isaac, Cornwall, England. Viewers get inside access to the actors and crew as they film sequences on the balcony at Large's Restaurant and in the nearby pub that doubles for the Crab & Lobster.

AMERICAN SOUNDTRACK: This Land is Your Land - Musical Performance Tom and Dick Smothers and Judy Collins host a musical journey through the evolution of modern American folk music, from its roots in bluegrass to San Francisco coffeehouses and Greenwich Village clubs.

  As South Florida's Storyteller station WLRN-TV brings you many intriguing stories of national interest that often have a Florida connection,like Muhammad Ali: Made In Miami.  This is the story of South Florida's transformative impact on the young fighter who would become a legend.  To mark the passing of Muhammad Ali - WLRN-TV brings you a special encore presentation of it's original production, Muhammad Ali: Made In Miami 

  • Monday June 6th at 8pm
  • Thursday June 9th at 7pm 


RHYTHM & BLUES 40: SOUL SPECTACULAR - Music Performance 

This show brings together legendary artists of the 1960s and 1970s for a once-in-a-lifetime event: Ben E. King and The Drifters, Jerry Butler reuniting with The Impressions for the first time since 1958, as well as The Isley Brothers, Percy Sledge, Eddie Holman, Little Anthony & The Imperials, The Chi-Lites and many more performers singing their most memorable hits, rhythm & blues and soul classics from the '60s and '70s.

 8pm NOVA: Wild Ways - Science/Education Four-lane highways may be a necessity to our modern society, but they can be a death traps for millions of animals that try to cross them. Around the world, wildlife need to roam for breeding, foraging, and to carry out their traditional migrations–but they are often blocked by ranches, farms, roads, and other human-made obstacles. While national parks and preserves offer some protection to wildlife, even the magnificent Serengeti and Yellowstone parks are too small to sustain healthy populations over generations. But now comes new hope for wildlife through an approach called “connectivity conservation.” Some of the world’s most beloved species–lions, bears, antelope and elephants–can be preserved by linking the world’s wildlife refuges with tunnels, overpasses, and protected land corridors. From North America’s Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation initiative to Southern Africa’s elephant highways stretching across five nations, see how animals are on the move again. 

Wednesday 8pm Martin Clunes & A Lion Called Mugie - Nature/Documentary 

Martin Clunes joins a mission to make wildlife history by returning endangered lions to Kora National Park, the Kenyan nature reserve of "Born Free" fame. The effort begins with Mugie, a lion cub orphaned at just three weeks old who had been washed up on a riverbank 140 miles away after a flash flood. Clunes soon finds out why, for lions, there is now no "free" left.  Poaching and destruction of the natural habitat are threatening much of Africa’s wildlife and it is thought Kenya’s population of about 2,000 lions faces extinction in less than 20 years. The way forward is to create habitats to keep lions in and poachers, predators and farmers out.