MRS. BRADLEY MYSTERIES : The Worsted Viper (10 pm)

Paired with her reliable and devoted chauffeur, Mrs Bradley's finely honed skills of investigation seek out the truth behind the mysteries surrounding a death at the opera, crimes of passion at a circus, poisoning and family secrets.

Mrs. Bradley and George travel to a seaside resort town for the wedding of George's daughter and are faced with a ritualistic serial killer.


A young man is found dead with heroin in his blood and a stolen credit card in his wallet. But only when Vera learns details of his mother's life does a motive for murder emerge.



DCI Bank - What Will Survive (9 pm)


Empire- Making Ourselves at Home (9 pm)

Jeremy Paxman, author and journalist, traces the story of the greatest empire the world has ever known: the British Empire. He continues his personal account of Britain's empire by looking at how traders, conquerors and settlers spread the British way of doing things around the world - in particular how they created a very British idea of home.

Midsomer Murders: Country Matters (9 pm)

Controversy about a proposed supermarket ruining the quality of life in a small village, marital infidelity, contaminated soil, and kinky sex lead to murder.

Campaigns against the building of a supermarket in Elverton-cum-Latterly come to a head when environmental supervisor Frank Hopkirk is stabbed to death at a long-forgotten timberyard.

Vera: Silent Voices (9 pm)

When a respected senior social worker, Jenny Lister, is murdered by drowning while swimming in a reservoir a number of suspects emerge from one of social services past cases about an infamous case involving the death of a child drowning in a bath. The child's mother was jailed, a junior social worker was pilloried and when Lister's missing laptop is found containing a book she was writing gives Vera a prime suspect until they too are murdered by drowning.

Whitechapel (10 pm)

The Organized Crime Division, lead by the dashing DCI Cazenove, seems to have control of London’s streets until a spate of gruesome killings and maimings rocks the East End district of Whitechapel. DI Chandler and his team are tasked with solving them.

Buchan claims the crimes replicate those committed by the infamous Kray twins back in the 1960s. He tells Chandler the victims are chosen from those who gave evidence against the Krays and that they are killed in the manner of their testimony.

DCI Banks: Bad Boy (9 pm)

DI Morton is the subject of an internal investigation when a routine operation to recover a firearm goes badly wrong. DCI Banks leads the hunt for the gun's owner, and discovers to his horror that his own daughter, Tracy, has been associating with him.