PREMIERE WEEK EVENT!  Beginning January 9th ! 

DOC MARTIN: Nowt So Queer - Comedy/Drama 

The Mona Lisa Smile

Dec 20, 2016

A PLACE TO CALL HOME: The Mona Lisa Smile - Drama 

Airs December 20th at 8pm 

IL VOLO: Notte Magica - Il Volo pays tribute to honor one of the most historical concert events in history by the incomparable trio THE THREE TENORS. 

NATURE - Giraffes: Africa's Gentle Giants 


NOVA: Treasures of Earth: Metals - Science - Nova goes deep inside Earth to uncover the mysteries of how these treasures were created, and to explore how they have allowed humankind to progress and build our great civilizations.

DOC MARTIN: Holly Bears A Prickle - Comedy/Drama

A PLACE TO CALL HOME: Truth Will Out - Drama 


NATURE: My Congo - Nature/Documentary


THE FIDEL CASTRO TAPES - Biography -  This documentary features rarely — and never-before-seen — images to tell the life story of the former controversial leader of Cuba.

NOVA: Treasures of the Earth - Science

Miami Herald

WLRN honors one of the greatest storytellers, Alan Tomlinson. He was an award winning journalist, documentary filmmaker, writer and director with the charisma that could light up a room. He could tell a story like no other, whether in film, on the radio or in person. 

Remember Pearl Harbor - Historical Documentary 

December 5th at 8pm NATURE: Super Hummingbirds