8pm IN THE CLUB - Drama When Roanna's ex-husband cancels her credit cards, her and Simon's financial future comes into question. With their baby due any day, Roanna suggests going to Simon's parents for help. But Roanna's never actually met them and Simon seems strangely reluctant. Jasmin has an unwelcome visitor and with a question mark looming over her due date, which causes her blood pressure to rise even further. Rosie's dad is still in hospital and social services plan to take her to a mother and baby hostel. But when Rosie threatens to run away with her baby if she's made to go to the hostel, Kim struggles to find a happy solution. Meanwhile Rick is under arrest and awaiting bail, leaving Diane to cope alone as their baby girl fights for her life with an infection. 


7pm - 9 MONTHS THAT MADE YOU - Science/Education - Discover the story of how you were made, from conception to the moment of birth.

Follow the gestation process, the most exquisite biological choreography found in nature. Using the latest research and advances in medicine, we can reveal this hidden world in forensic detail. Zeroing in on milestones along the road to creation--where critical events can change your life.

8pm - DOC MARTIN: Going Bodmin - Comedy/Drama

Fall in love with Doc Martin all over again in this premiere episode from Season One, Wednesday July 6th at 8pm. 

It's the cantankerous doctor with the questionable bedside manner who's behavior can be so rude, it's like tripping someone on crutches.  As rude as he is, he's a brilliant doctor who makes us laugh at all his social imperfections.  

8pm IN THE CLUB - Drama following the lives of new mothers and their partners.

With her husband on the run from the police, Diane struggles to cope with the consequences of Rick's actions. Upset and alone, she turns to Roanna for support. But the stress is causing her Braxton Hicks contractions to return... or are the twinges more than just practice labor?  Unknown to Diane, Rick is hiding out at Jasmin and Dev's house. But when the police turn up, Jasmin is shocked to learn the real reason Rick is there. With no way to turn, Rick is pushed to the edge in more ways than one. Meanwhile, in the aftermath of Rosie's dad's accident, Kim feels increasingly responsible for her. And when social services come to talk to Rosie about her baby's future, Kim's caring nature is stretched to the limit. 

The Mystery of Matter

7pm THE MYSTERY OF MATTER: Search For The Elements - Science

The Mystery of Matter: Search for the Elements is an exciting three-part series about one of the great adventures in the history of science: the long and continuing quest to understand what the world is made of. Three hour-long episodes tell the story of seven of history’s most important scientists as they seek to identify, understand and organize the basic building blocks of matter.

IN THIS EPISODE: Into The Atom - Caught up in the race to discover the atom’s internal parts, Harry Moseley uses newly discovered X-rays to put the Periodic Table in a whole new light. Glenn Seaborg creates a new element — plutonium — that changes the world forever.

The Man Who Lost His Head

8pm THE MAN WHO LOST HIS HEAD - Comedy/Drama

Starring Martin Clunes, THE MAN WHO LOST HIS HEAD is a light-hearted made-for-TV comedy/drama about cultural repatriation. It centers on repressed British museum curator Ian Bennet (Martin Clunes), who is sent to assess the possible return of an ancient Maori carving to the small, fictional New Zealand town of Otakataka.


Childhood sweethearts Alan and Celia, both widowed and in their 70s, fall for each other all over again when they are reunited over the internet after nearly 60 years. As their lives collide for a second time, the couple laments what might have been. While their relationship is a celebratory tale of the power of love at any age, it is also a story about family and the complications the relationship causes, especially for their grown daughters.

IN THIS EPISODE: Alan and Celia decided have another wedding ceremony attended by all of their family and friends.


7pm THE MYSTERY OF MATTER: SEARCH FOR THE ELEMENTS: Unruly Elements  1859-1902Science/Technology - Journey through the history of science on a quest to understand matter.  This series tells the story of the periodic table from the scientist's perspective.   IN THIS EPISODE: Over a single weekend in 1869, a young Russian chemistry professor named Dmitri Mendeleev invents the Periodic Table, bringing order to the growing gaggle of elements. But this sense of order is shattered when a Polish graduate student named Marie Sklodowska Curie discovers radioactivity, revealing that elements can change identities— and that atoms must have undiscovered parts inside them. 

8pm MAN & BEAST WITH MARTIN CLUNES - Nature/Documentary

In this two-part documentary, Martin Clunes travels the world to uncover some of the remarkable and unique relationships between man and beast from birds to bears, pets to primates, involving ancient and modern techniques and partnerships.  Martin observes humans and animals working side by side in ways that have existed and evolved for centuries. 

Part 1 - Martin begins his journey in Nepal, where the cow is sacred, and ownership symbolizes wealth, strength and abundance. In the countryside virtually every household has a cowshed.

TONIGHT'S EPISODE: Part 2 - Martin looks at how pet ownership in Japan is scaling new heights of intensity. For many years there have been more dogs and cats than children. Now more than 24 million cats and dogs share the pavements of Japan.


IN THIS EPISODE: Gillian is devastated when Celia inadvertently reveals a secret she has kept since she was 15. Alan and Gillian's already fractious relationship suffers as he distances himself further from her. Kate feels awkward around Lawrence, who finds his mom's new relationship difficult to accept.

This Wild Life

7pm THIS WILD LIFE: Elephant Baby Boom - Nature/Documentary - Wildlife expert Saba Douglas-Hamilton with her husband Frank and their three young children, move to the romantic Samburu National Preserve in Kenya to run a Safari Camp for the first time.

The team gear up to celebrate the end of the tourist season Samburu style.  With the rains on their way, Saba and the team watch over elephant mothers about to give birth as Frank and David try to safeguard the future of Samburu's spectacular wildlife. 

7:30pm WONDER OF ANIMALS: Bats - Nature/Documentary

Bats have colonized remote corners of the planet to become one of the most widespread mammals on earth. Chris Packham explores their incredible anatomy, physiology and senses to understand what enables them to thrive in some surprising places.  Tiny hairs on their wings give them a detailed airflow map during flight, heat sensors on the nose of vampire bats means they can sense the most blood rich areas of a prey's body and iron oxide particles in the bat brain may act as a compass allowing them to find the most direct route back to the roost.   

The Best of Burt Bacharach

Jun 16, 2016
TJL Productions

Out of Thin Air

7pm MYSTERY OF MATTER: Search For The Elements - Science/History/Education 

The Mystery of Matter: Search for the Elements is an exciting series about one of the great adventures in the history of science: the long and continuing quest to understand what the world is made of. Three episodes tell the story of seven of history’s most important scientists as they seek to identify, understand and organize the basic building blocks of matter.

IN THIS EPISODE: Out of Thin Air - One of science’s great odd couples — British minister Joseph Priestley and French tax administrator Antoine Lavoisier — together discover a fantastic new gas called oxygen, overturning the reigning theory of chemistry and triggering a worldwide search for new elements. Soon caught up in the hunt is science’s first great showman, a precocious British chemist named Humphry Davy, who dazzles London audiences with his lectures, introduces them to laughing gas and turns the battery into a powerful tool in the search for new elements. 

KEY WEST WRECKERS - A WLRN Original Production (History/Documentary)


SERIES PREMIERE Monday June 27th at 10pm on WLRN-TV

Detective Inspector Kate "Ash" Ashurst and Detective Sergeant Emma "Scribbs" Scribbins make up the sexy, sassy, crime-busting duo who solve murders in the sleepy suburban town of Middleford. Kate, a graduate of a posh girls' academy, has a sharp, analytical mind; her working-class partner, Emma, relies on her instincts. Together this  investigative team uncovers the dark urges behind suburban Middleford's placid facade.