Alexandre Meneghini/REUTERS

There's rum. And then there's Havana Club.

It's a lighter style rum, distinctly Cuban.

But the label on the bottle and that word "Havana" may be just as important as what's inside the bottle.

Havana Club is a celebrated rum and a celebrated brand. So celebrated that powerful people are fighting over it: the distillers at Bacardi Limited and the Cuban government.

They've been locked in a long-running legal battle for control of the "Havana Club" brand.

Miami Rum Fest

There was a time when rum was rotgut. Blackbeard the pirate liked to mix his cane alcohol with gunpowder and light it. Rum and croak.

Fast forward a few centuries to rum respectability – specifically, to Rob Burr’s patio deck in Coral Gables.

From the waterfall pond to the tiki bar, it sets a mood not for swilling rum but for tasting it. Not the way spring-breakers chug Captain Morgan but the way cognac drinkers sip Napoleon. Not with Coke (or gunpowder) but neat, in a snifter.

Tom Hudson

South Florida may not have the valleys and vineyards of Napa Valley nor the hollows and oak barrels of Kentucky but the wine and liquor industry is here in its own unique way.  Think mango wine not chardonnay, rum not bourbon and you've got the idea.  

South Floridians can talk about rum the way oenophiles go on about wine. There are the aromas of the rum, the notes and the finish. There may be hints of chocolate, berries or citrus.  For many outside of South Florida rum means one company: Bacardi.