4/03/15 - The legendary conductor Keith Lockhart speaks about his upcoming performance with the BBC Orchestra at the Arsht Center

4/01/15 - Syracuse University journalist and editor Harriet Brown speaks about her new book, BODY OF TRUTH. After studying the science, history, and culture of diet and health, she came to the conclusion that our obsession with weight and weight loss is unneeded, and that the relationship between weight and health isn’t simple, or straightforward.

3/31/15 - Harvard Medical School professor Dr. Angelo Volandes discusses end of life choices. His book, The Conversation: A Revolutionary Plan for End of Life Care is an advisory on how to prevent expensive hospital deaths, fruitless interventions and divided families.

3/30/15 - Former Brown University Department of Africana Studies faculty member and staff writer for National Geographic, Charles Cobb recounts his involvement in the civil rights movement of the 1960s, when he was a field secretary for the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee. 

He’s written a book which reflects on his participation called, THIS NONVIOLENT STUFF’LL GET YOU KILLED.

"Reveal" To Air On WLRN

Feb 5, 2015

Coming to WLRN the first Saturday of every month starting Feb. 7 at 3 p.m.

Public radio’s first national investigative reporting show has launched.

“Reveal,” by The Center for Investigative Reporting and PRX, is now playing on WLRN and available for download on iTunes.

So what exactly are we revealing?

In our newest episode, “Reveal” reporter Katharine Mieszkowski continues her investigation into the murkiness that surrounds day care records in the U.S.

01/29/15 - Mandy Baca is a food and history-obsessed native Miamian.

She remembers a Royal Castle joint on most every corner and the opening of Dadeland Mall. Join us for Thursday’s Topical Currents when we reminisce about “Vintage Miami,” the title of her new book. And more.  Linda Gassenheimer talks Super Bowl tacos & Fred Tasker picks beers for big game. That’s Thursday at one o’clock.

01/09/15 - Next time on South Florida Arts Beat, Amanda Bush brings us the exciting details about the 38th Annual Art Deco Weekend on Miami Beach. Charles Greenfield talks with Artistic Director, Lourdes Lopez, about the Miami City Ballet’s 2015 enchanting season events.

12/09/14 - What’s life for the average, poor American? 

12/03/14 - Join us for Wednesday’s Topical Currents when we address South Florida architectural and land issues. In recent years, developers have razed buildings that some residents consider to have historical value. Many threatened structures are in Miami Beach.  There’s controversy in the Bay Harbor Islands community as well.  Preservation advocates now see a resumption of a South Florida condo construction boom.

12/01/14 - In our increasingly computer-mediated world of emails, text messages, and social media, is there still value in face-to-face contact?