Unique Eats: Ramadan Edition

Jul 8, 2014
Constanza Gallardo

The Fourth of July is a time for fireworks, beach gatherings and plenty of food -- so last week, much of America feasted on sizzling hotdogs, watermelon and maybe potato salad.

But South Florida's Muslim community celebrated with fresh fruits, exotic cuisine and prayer.

This year, Independence Day fell on the sixth day of Ramadan, the Islamic holy month in which Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset.

03/11/13 - Monday’s  Topical Currents is the fascinating story of Muhammed.  This one man radically changed the world, yet westerners have little idea of who he was or where he came from.  We’ll speak with journalist Lesley Hazelton, author of the THE FIRST MUSLIM:  The Story of MuhammadBorn an orphan, he had a monogamous marriage of 24 years.  He became a prophet in the year 610, when he was 40, after being exiled from Mecca to Medina.  That’s