Under the Sun
3:13 pm
Tue March 10, 2009

What’s Up With South Florida?: South Florida’s Own Bridge To Nowhere

What’s Up With South Florida?

This story originally aired in 2009. But we are still interested in hearing about your design solutions/problems and questions you have about I-95.

In our segment, What’s Up With South Florida?, we invited you to tell us what you find confusing or unusual about South Florida.

Under the Sun
2:25 pm
Fri February 6, 2009

The Quest Of Queen Brown

Queen Brown often discusses youth violence on her radio show.
Kenny Malone

You may have heard of Queen Brown.  Her son was killed two years ago, and ever since, she’s pushed for an end to youth violence.  In speeches and articles, Queen talks about the wrenching experience of losing her son.  But the fallout of his death still haunts her.  Kenny Malone has her story.

Under the Sun
2:19 pm
Fri February 6, 2009

All In A Day’s Work: 17-Year-Old Jai A’lai Announcer

Ryan Esdale practices at Dania Jai A’lai, where he is an announcer.
Trina Sargalski

In our recurring segment, we explore the ways people in South Florida make a living.  Meet Ryan Esdale, a 17-year-old announcer at Dania Jai A’lai.  He dreams of going pro.  Trina Sargalski produced this story.

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