Miami Book Fair International

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  "What the world needs is a female 'Dirty Harry'.”

That’s what Miriam Auerbach was thinking about 10 years ago while watching a television marathon of the iconic detective films starring Clint Eastwood.

“Suddenly I had a vision of Dirty Harry as a woman.  So she was born,” says Auerbach.

Three years later, Auerbach published “Dirty Harriet,” the first in a series of satirical mystery novels.  The protagonist is Harriet Horowitz, a gun-toting, Harley-riding former Boca Raton socialite who becomes a crime-fighter.

Wilson Sayre

  I don’t remember being told Woodrow Wilson was my great-great-grandfather. It was a fact I grew up with. A picture of my newborn grandfather, the last child ever born in the White House, being gazed at by mighty Woodrow, hung in the staircase of my parents’ home.

Beside it was a Wilson campaign poster from which he looked through his iconic pince-nez glasses and over his long, angular nose at me. But the person I was named after was, in many ways, a mystery.

PHOTOS: After 30 Years, Miami Is A Literary Land

Nov 20, 2013
Miami Book Fair International

There was, perhaps, a notion 30 years ago that any reading done by anyone in Miami mainly consisted of a paperback on a beach, some suntan oil and very little else. But a small group of people felt differently.

So when the Miami-Dade County Public Library system wanted to celebrate its newest building, the idea of a book fair was born. "Books By The Bay," it was first called, conceived in 1984 as a few displays of books, tablecloths flapping in the breeze at Bayfront Park. 

A Foodie's Guide to Miami Book Fair: Where to Eat

Nov 20, 2013
Trina Sargalski

All of the conversation about food at Miami Book Fair International inspires the appetite. Unfortunately, if the past is a guide, the food at the Book Fair is not curated with the same care as the authors. It's basically overpriced carnival fare. 

How To Book Fair: Nine Tips From A Longtime Fairgoer

Nov 20, 2013

The book fair is my Ultra. That’s how I explain to concerned friends my almost-maniacal enthusiasm for our city’s belletristic blowout -- a party currently in full swing, having started Sunday with the inaugural ceremony and talk from cliffhanger superstar Dan Brown.

But in its 30th year, Miami Book Fair International's hundreds of thousands of attendees, more than 400 authors, and 200 national and international street-fair exhibitors make it impossible to see everything.

Here's A Peek At MBFI's 30th Year Of Events

Nov 18, 2013
Claudia H. Munoz

The Miami Book Fair International, celebrating its 30th Anniversary this year, will not only host a ton of books both new and used, major and underground – there’s also extensive programming that will likely cause bibliophiles to salivate.

Throughout the week of the fair, a slew of notable authors (more than 400) will be speaking about their work, and panels will be held on a wide range of literary subjects.

11/15/13 - Next time on South Florida Arts Beat, Lissette Mendez, Director of Programs, brings us the exciting details about the 30th Miami Book Fair International.

Author and former Miami Herald columnist Ana Menendez, who has been living in Amsterdam, is returning to South Florida for the Miami Book Fair International, the eight-day literary party beginning Nov. 13. Ana has a new book titled Adios, Happy Homeland and will be speaking about it during The Writer’s Voice panel at the fair Sunday, Nov. 20.

Tweet Us A Story Remix: We Have A Winner

Nov 23, 2012
Daniel Toy

Two weeks ago, we asked you to co-author a story with Junot Diaz.

Last week, we asked you to remix that story with submissions that may or may not have made the final narrative.

This week, we have a winner.

Sammy Mack

The Florida Book Awards (FBA) panel had it all—brilliant readings, thought-provoking discussion, and a harmonica solo. It featured four of the 2011 award winners. Leonard Nash, himself an FBA winner and then judge, introduced the writers with a combination of standard credentials and lesser known facts.

Lynne Barrett (general fiction award) read from her story collection Magpies. In "One Hippopotamus," a story comes to light and a romance unfolds thanks to a so-Florida event—a thunderstorm-induced power outage.