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2:26 pm
Thu April 23, 2015

FBI Report: Florida Affected By Flawed FBI Hair Analysis Testimony

Credit Luigi Caterino / Flickr Creative Commons


According to an FBI report released this week, almost all of the FBI’s experts who conducted microscopic hair analysis gave flawed testimony in criminal trials.

The error-filled testimony went on for more than two decades since 2000, according to the report, which is the largest post-conviction review in the history of the FBI.

The hair analysis was scientifically flawed, and in most cases bolstered prosecutors' cases against defendants, the report found. 

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3:15 pm
Wed December 24, 2014

A Clean Slate: Juvenile Diversion Program Provides A Chance To Start Over

Alan Louder, Director of Juvenile Diversion Program at the State Attorney's Office talks with a juvenile during a community service project to feed the homeless. The activity is one component of the diversion program.

Originally published on Thu December 25, 2014 1:10 am

There’s something universally jarring about the sound of shackles. It’s slow and, while high-pitched, carries a timbre of gloom.

It’s especially unnerving when those shackles are chained to the feet and arms of a slight, young man, like the one who stood in front of an audience on a recent evening.

“At the end of the day, y’all are going home. I’m still locked up,” he told the group of young men sitting before him.

His words were quiet, but he had their full attention.

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Topical Currents
1:00 pm
Mon July 14, 2014

An Insider Reveals the Stories and Strategies Behind Today’s Most Infamous Verdicts

Acquittal: An Insider Reveals the Stories and Strategies Behind Today’s Most Infamous Verdicts

07/14/14 - Monday’s Topical Currents goes inside the criminal justice system with trial consultant Richard Gabriel.  Having worked on such high-profile cases as O.J.

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