Carl Juste / Miami Herald

Gambling regulators overstepped their authority with rules that would have placed additional requirements on jai alai operators, an administrative law judge ruled Thursday.

The decision by Judge Robert E. Meale siding with pari-mutuel facilities was part of a series of challenges to regulations issued by the state's Division of Pari-mutuel Wagering.

The challenges come after a years-long effort by regulators to create new rules --- many of them focused on controversial barrel racing --- for the pari-mutuel industry.

Miami Jai-Alai Looks To Catch On Again Despite Financial Reality

Oct 10, 2013
Charles Trainor Jr. / Miami Herald

Out near the Miami Airport there’s a place that used to be one of the hottest spots in Miami. Imagine the perfect mixture of athletics, spectacle, and speed. Jai-Alai. It’s like handball, only you fling the ball and catch the ball with this basket thing.

But it's also more complicated than that, and dangerous. But the way Jai-Alai attendance is growing, in seven years ,followers say it will eclipse baseball.