Gloria Estefan

Patrick Farrell / Miami Herald

  In the 1980s, Gloria Estefan performed at the Miami Marine Stadium, just before the striking concrete structure fell into disuse and neglect. With her hits filling the air once again, she arrived in a big yacht to assume a new role in the stadium's life. 

"I'm a Cuban-American which is a no-brainer that I would love to be a part of trying to salvage, save and bring into the future one of the contributions of our Cuban-American community that is so important and so unique," she says.

How Miami Vice Made Miami Nice

Sep 25, 2014
NBC Universal

It was a magical mix of mood and music. But when it all came together back in 1984, there were legitimate concerns that an edgy, sexy television show called "Miami Vice" would torpedo the city's already questionable image.

After all, episode after episode portrayed  Miami as a den of gun-toting drug dealers who truly were typical of that decade.

What could go right?


Instead of being repelled, viewers were drawn from around the country and the world to visit places that hadn't yet become quite so glamorous.



Gloria Estefan, the poster girl of the Latin music scene in the 1980s and '90s, the frontwoman for the Miami Sound Machine and the singer who made Middle America get up and conga...


GLORIA ESTEFAN: (Singing) Doctor, I've got this feeling inside of me, deep inside of me...come, shake your body, baby, do that conga. No, you can't control yourself any longer. Come on, shake your body, baby...the rhythm is gonna get you tonight.