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Miami said goodbye Wednesday evening to one of the pioneers of the craft beer movement in the city and did  it the way he would have liked it: by gathering at his beloved brewery and raising a pint (or two) in his name. 

Piero Rodriguez, one of the founding brewers at MIA Beer Company , passed away last weekend in a car accident.  Brewers from around South Florida and beyond have been posting their condolences online.

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When Carlos Frias sits down at a restaurant, he doesn't just focus on the food. He's actually more interested in the people who've created the meals.  And when he writes, he likes to write stories that will make you hungry. 

We talk to the Miami Herald Food and Dining Editor to hear more about how a sports reporter ended up writing about food and -of course- what are the best places to eat in Miami right now.

How did you become a food writer? 

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In some circles, instagramming pictures of your food is grounds for ridicule. But for food bloggers, it’s what brings home the bacon (all pun intended).

I spoke to local food blogger Sef Gonzalez, better known as the Burger Beast, about what it’s like to run a food blog in a now foodie South Florida.

How has the South Florida food scene evolved since you began blogging?

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