The Obama administration has once again refused Florida Gov . Rick Scott's request to declare a federal state of emergency because of algae blooms on the St. Lucie River.

A state judge is weighing a decision that could shake Florida's education-accountability system following a marathon hearing Monday in Tallahassee.

The father of a toddler killed in an alligator attack at Walt Disney World reached his hands inside the animal's jaws as he tried to pry them open and free his son. According to a final report released Monday by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, the alligator sank teeth into 2-year-old Lane Graves' skull and neck before drowning him on June 14th . The boy's submerged body was recovered the next day. Lane was building sand castles at Disney's Grand Floridian hotel, using a...

As expected, the Zika outbreak in Florida is growing — though how fast is still difficult to say. State and federal health officials say mosquitoes are spreading Zika in two neighborhoods of Miami, including Miami Beach. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention told pregnant women Friday not to go into these neighborhoods — and to consider postponing travel to all parts of Miami-Dade County. Just 37 people have been reported to have

Florida’s largest electric utility is asking for a $1.3 billion rate hike. It’s making its pitch to state regulators.

Recently, on a hot summer morning with cumulus clouds towering overhead, black cattle grazed in South Florida fields, dotting the horizon along with clumps of palm trees. At the Big Cypress Reservation, Moses Jumper is a tribal elder and owner of nearly 300 head — and a fourth-generation cattleman. "A lot of people look at us as wrestlin' alligators, and the casinos and all that. But a lot of people don't realize we've been deeply involved with cattle all the way back to the 1700s and 1800s,"...

With a legislative battle brewing, state regulators listened to hours of testimony Tuesday as they decide whether to approve a 19.6 percent increase in workers' compensation insurance rates.

Hear the audio version of this story. UPDATE: If you think you've spotted a New Guinea flatworm in your area, the recommendation is to not touch it, take a picture of it and report it to state wildlife officials at888-IVE-GOT1. An invasive flatworm could potentially threaten wildlife, and even people in Southwest Florida. The New Guinea Flatworm was first found in the state near Miami more than a year ago. Now, they’ve popped up in Cape Coral, and most recently, Sanibel Island.

Congressman Patrick Murphy, D-FL, is touting environmentalists' support. The candidate for U.S. Senate says if elected, he would push to clean up the waters in South Florida affected by toxic blue-green algae.

Florida officials are warning people about identity theft scammers—a common form of financial fraud.

It’s not exactly something you’d expect to see hanging in the Louvre. A very unusual art exhibit is on display at the University of North Florida Gallery of Art. “Ink, Icons, Identity: Exploring U2’s Brand Through Fan Tattoos” is a multimedia project that examines the personal experiences of U2 fans and their relationship with the Irish rock band. UNF Assistant Professor of graphic design and digital media Beth Nabi is curator of the exhibit. She is a big fan of U2 but does not display any...

An appeals court says Florida's teacher union has no legal right to challenge the state's largest private school voucher program.

The endangered ghost orchid is making a comeback in the Everglades, thanks to a team of Florida scientists.

Shock, Grief After Police Shooting in Punta Gorda

Aug 12, 2016
Sue Paquin / Charlotte Sun Herald

PUNTA GORDA — The maze of yellow crime-scene tape that covered most of the parking lot at the Punta Gorda Police Department earlier was gone by the time Punta Gorda Police Chief Tom Lewis addressed reporters Wednesday afternoon. Lewis again talked about an officer-involved fatal shooting that had most everyone in this small community of about 18,000 talking and asking how a 73-year-old woman could have ended up dead during a seemingly harmless role-playing demonstration called “shoot, don’t...

The State of Florida is holding a “garage sale” of sorts this Saturday in Tampa. Diamonds, rubies and pearls are among the more than 70,000 items that will be up for bid. It’s the annual Unclaimed Property Auction and will include featured items like an 18-karat gold Rolex-brand watch, rare coins, vintage jewelry and collectibles like sports trading cards featuring Hank Aaron, Dan Marino and Larry Bird. A preview of the auction items is open to the public Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the...