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South Florida drivers have a certain reputation and driving fast is a big part of that. Last year, 798,000 people in Florida were pulled over for speeding. A little more than 136,000 people used some version of a traffic school to mask the points on their license so that insurance premiums don’t go up. And now, I am a part of that; I was going 88 in a 70-mile-per-hour zone in St. Lucie County. I won’t make any excuses; I was getting really into the music during "Prairie Home Companion" and...

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Hear the audio version of this story. A Fort Myers company is putting its environmentally-friendly fuel on the market for Floridians. AlgenolBiofuels is first to patent ethanol made from algae. It’s been developing this product for nine years.

Palm Beach County Votes To Keep Uber

Aug 19, 2015

Palm Beach County lovers of Uber , fear not. The car service is sticking around, at least until September. The County Commission voted Tuesday afternoon to reject an ordinance that requires Uber drivers to get an FBI level two background check and register their vehicles with their insurance companies. Last month Broward County adopted more regulations for Uber . The car service then left the county. Commissioners backtracked on their decision because of public demand. Now Uber may return to...

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The future of Miami-Dade’s transportation system was the topic of the 2015 Transportation Summit, held at the Miami Dade College’s Wolfson Campus Chapman Conference Center today. County officials and residents gathered to pinpoint problems and brainstorm solutions. Esmond Scott is director of public works in the City of North Miami Beach. Scott says the issue with the area’s transportation system is elementary. The infrastructure on which it was built has become obsolete because of population...


South Florida commuters will see some changes on I-75 and I-595 as improvements like noise buffers and new ramps begin. Because of work on its express lanes, I-75 will get wider lanes near Sheridan Street, which will come with "noise walls" to keep surrounding neighborhoods quiet. Broward County engineers are also fixing the timing on some traffic signals at exits along I-595, particularly where drivers have complained of lengthy waits at the westbound State Road 84 and Davie Road...

Florida Roundup: Will You Take UberX, Lyft Or A Taxi?

Jun 6, 2014
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This week on the Florida Roundup: The trial over how Florida re-drew its congressional districts wraps up. Was it a secret plan to carve out political competition or nothing more than innuendo? And will it be resolved before the November election? While we wait for the ruling, p lay our ethics in politics q uiz: Are You Tallanasty? Lyft and UberX are operating in Miami despite picking up passengers and fines. We also talk about immigration to Pulitzer-prize winning writer and director of the...

What Everyone Is Reading March 30- April 5

Apr 8, 2014
Kenny Malone

Our most read stories this week include sea-level rise, anti-road rage landscaping and a city trolley system being eyed by the Federal Transit Authority (see those below). Stories that didn't make the cut include Obamacare deadlines , texting while driving in Florida and why Europeans come to Ultra Music Festival . How Miami's Cute New Trolleys Led To A Civil-Rights Investigation: Walking around Miami, you may have noticed trolley cars made to look like the old cable cars of San Francisco,...

What Everyone Is Reading March 16-22

Mar 24, 2014
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If we were to create a fictional story based t his week's top five stories , it might go something like this: Traffic engineers use funds from parking meters to build the Orlando-Miami rail line. The colorful yellow meters do not actually pay the city for parking and were supposed to fund Florida’s desalination facilities. One outraged citizen got a hold of public-radio host Ira Glass, who is now producing a radio story for “This Floridian Life.” Alas, none of those are stories. Here are the...


A passenger rail connecting South Florida and Orlando is on track to start running next year. But not everyone is jumping for joy. A group of real estate experts serving parts of northern Palm Beach and Martin Counties says it has serious concerns about All Aboard Florida. The $1.5-billion railway project would add 32 passenger trains to the 14 freight trains already running on the Florida East Coast Railroad tracks. Stations would be located in the downtowns of Miami, Fort Lauderdale and...

WLRN's Five Most Popular Stories Mar. 3-7

Mar 10, 2014
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The 95 Express toll increase is our most popular story this week -- again. Mass transit anyone? Old Miami through photos, Mayan migrants and 80 days until traffic eases in downtown Miami were all close contenders for the No. 1 spot. Trying To Free Up 95 Express, FDOT Prices 'Lexus Lanes' At Lamborghini Rates : Do you think $7 is too much for express lanes on I-95? Try $10.50 -- the Florida Department of Transportation raised the price of the express lanes. The reasoning is to combat the...

WLRN's Five Most Popular Stories Feb. 24-28

Mar 3, 2014
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The I-95 express lanes' toll increase made it to the top of our list this week, only furthering the idea that South Floridians can't live without their vehicles and highways. Two more stories involving roads and transportation also made it to the top five this week, which made us wonder... are you reading while driving? If so, stop! Tune into 91.3 FM, instead (or stream live on this site ). Trying To Free Up 95 Express, FDOT Prices 'Lexus Lanes' At Lamborghini Rates : Can’t stand the I-95...

New Crosswalks For Biscayne Blvd. Pedestrians

Feb 12, 2014
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The Florida Department of Transportation has pedestrians in mind with a new plan for Biscayne Blvd. FDOT estimates it will spend upwards of $780,000 on new crosswalks and sidewalks along the busy road. Construction will span 3.9 miles from northeast 16 to northeast 74 street. “Everyday on the news you always see there is a pedestrian hit by a car – a lot of people don’t follow the rules,” says c ommunity member Malcolm Moyes, who thinks the additions will favor area pedestrians. Design plans...

I-95 Has A Speed Limit!?

Jan 28, 2014
Kenny Malone

I spent last Thursday, in the thick of afternoon rush hour, at the I-95 on-ramp just southwest of the Arsht Center. At around 4:30 p.m., the scene is one-half auto show, one-half salmon-spawning. I walked from open window to open window hoping to confirm something I’ve always suspected: People don’t really know what the speed limit is on I-95. Even the people seconds away from driving on it. In my completely unscientific survey, one driver answered "45 MPH." Two guessed 55 MPH. Two more said...

WLRN's Top Five Stories Jan. 20-24

Jan 27, 2014
Courtesy of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Among the stories you liked most this past week are a race between a car and a bus and a debate on the state of Miami Beach as a tech hub. More Mormons?: Time For A Temple : South Florida's first Mormon Temple is set to open this up upcoming spring. The temple will serve the approximately 25, 000 Mormons that call South Florida home. Prior to the current Davie location, temple goers needed to travel to Orlando or farther to perform religious rites such as marriage. The temple is only the...