You may have heard of feral cats, but have you heard of feral chickens? Feral chickens are now the subject of evolutionary research. And the ones in Tampa's Ybor City and Key West are perfect fodder to study. 

A remarkably complete fossil of a young child suggests that key elements of the human spinal structure were already in place in an ancient human relative 3.3 million years ago.

The child, about three years old, likely died suddenly and quickly drifted into a body of water, where she was covered in sediment that eventually hardened to sandstone, Zeray Alemseged of the University of Chicago tells The Two-Way.

12/18/13 - Why do people overspend, underinvest and make poor life decisions?  Nearly two-million vehicles are repossessed each year.  $57 Billion dollars are invested in state lotteries that have a negative return rate of 80%.  Is this communal stupidity, or are other factors involved that are evolutionary smarts?  On the next Topical Currents we speak with University of Arizona professor Douglas Kenrick, co-author of THE RATIONAL ANIMAL:  How Evolution Made Us Smarter Than We Think.