emotional wellness

It's a time of year when we're often urged to be grateful; for friends, for family, for presents under the tree. But not everyone experiences gratitude as a positive force in their life.


04/21/14 - Monday’s Topical Currents features a conversation with psychologist John D. Mayer. Mayer, who developed the groundbreaking theory of “emotional intelligence”  now suggests that our ability to “read” the faces, emotions, and desires of those around us can greatly enhance our life experience…and better understand our own feelings. Join us for a discussion of John D.

05/01/13 - Wednesday's Topical Currents examines what everyone fears:  a cancer diagnosis. Whether it’s one’s self, a loved one or dear friend, life’s outlook is immediately changed and prioritized. We’ll visit with two authors who write about cancer diagnosis, the fear of death, and our emotional wellness when faced with such a trauma.