Emotionally Focused Therapy For Dummies

Dec 18, 2013

12/19/13 - Tomorrow’s Topical Currents begins with the authors of EMOTIONALLY FOCUSED THERAPY FOR DUMMIES.  Professors Brent Bradley and James Furrow say it takes daily attention to keep a meaningful, fulfilling relationship vibrant.  And more . . . Linda Gasssenheimer’s Food & Dining looks at the finer delicacies of the holidays:  caviar, smoked salmon and rich chocolates.  That’s Topical Currents Thursday at 1pm.

10/30/13 - Wednesday's Topical Currents looks at the dynamics of arguments in a relationship.  Psychologist Dr. Ilona Jerabek has closely studied the matter.  She says fighting is one thing . . . but fighting dirty threatens bonds.  She says anger isn’t destructive . . . but that rage provokes breakups.  42% of argument participants use curse words.  But 47% make up right away.

Florida Collaborative Divorce

Oct 2, 2013