Patrick Farrell / Miami Herald

Real estate in Miami-Dade County has ebbed and flowed according to the waters bordering it – the tenet of location, location, location.


The tide has since turned, though. The city is looking upward, building condos that tower above the ocean.

But the supply of waterfront property is eroding. This has led some real estate developers to buy condo buildings, tear them down and replace them with something bigger and newer.

Kara Dapena / Miami Herald

It appears some, actually many, condo associations in South Florida are over-charging people on fees. Nick Nehamas of the Miami Herald uncovered the story recently and talked to us about what he found:

12/02/14 - Are you a condo owner or resident?  Perhaps your home is part of a homeowners association. 

If so, you don’t want to miss Tuesday’s Topical Currents. We’ll speak about important issues and the ever-changing rules and regulations governed by municipalities, counties and the State of Florida. Condo/HOA expert Donna Berger will on hand for this “At Your Service” call-in edition. That’s Topical Currents Tuesday at 1pm.

06/17/14 - Tuesday's Topical Currents is an “At Your Service” edition, with community association attorney, Donna Berger. After returning to the law firm Becker & Poliakoff, she has been working to create new initiatives for community associations as well as addressing service animals and emotional-support animal requests in c