WLRN Channel 17 TV Schedule

Sunday, October 04
6:30 AM
The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That!
“Step This Way; Anything You Can Do”
Nick and Sally learn about different-shaped feet; and pretend to be the Cat in the Hat.
7:00 AM
Peep and the Big Wide World/Pocoyo
“Snow Daze; Flower Shower: Pocoyo: Magical Watering Can”
Quack and Beaver Boy enjoy the snow; Chirp tells Quack about a pink cherry orchard she discovered; Pocoyo gives away his water instead of watering his musical flowers.
7:30 AM
Super WHY!
“Peter Rabbit”
The Super Readers fly into "Peter Rabbit," where they try to stop the bunny from munching the vegetables in people's gardens.
8:00 AM
Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood
“Daniel Gets a Cold; Mom Tiger Is Sick”
Daniel wants to attend Prince Wednesday's birthday party, but doesn't feel well; Mom Tiger comes down with a cold while finishing the invitations for Fruit Picking Day.
8:30 AM
Curious George
“Monkey Goes Batty; Curious George and the Balloon Hound”
George and the Man With the Yellow Hat camp in the living room while their bedrooms are being repaired; and Hundley dreams that he's a British flying ace.
9:00 AM
Sesame Street
“Oscar's Tuxedo”
Leela and Elmo re-create three infamous stains that graced Oscar's tuxedo.
9:30 AM
Dinosaur Train
“The Old Bird; Diamond Don”
Buddy, Tiny, Mom and Petey Peteinosaurus meet Arlene Archeopteryx, who is both a bird and a dinosaur; Shiny and Don have an adventure in a local cave.
10:00 AM
Dinosaur Train
“Dinosaur Camouflage; Family Scavenger Hunt”
Buddy and Tiny learn about camouflage when they meet a shy dinosaur who's very good at hiding; the Pteranodon family travel to the Big Pond for a scavenger hunt.
10:30 AM
Wild Kratts
“Prairie Who?”
The gang is separated after a twister forces everyone to abandon ship. As a result, they discover an amazing species that lives in the prairie.
11:00 AM
Space Racers
“Star Signs; Vulture's Volcano”
Eagle, Robyn and Hawk are tasked with finding a missing cadet; Eagle, Robyn, Hawk and Raven discover that Vulture and Dodo are running a secret rocket fuel-mining operation inside a volcano that, although supposedly dormant, is about to erupt.
11:30 AM
“The Green Gas”
Darkhand uses a marketing scheme to convince consumers to use his Light Gas, which is made from the planet's most polluting fuels, instead of Openhand's eco-friendly Green Gas.
12:00 PM
Antiques Roadshow
“Myrtle Beach”
Part 1 of 3 in Myrtle Beach, S.C., features a Joseph Henry Sharp oil painting that's valued at $400,000. Also: a visit to nearby Brookgreen Gardens highlighting female sculptors of the early 20th century.
1:00 PM
“Mystery Monkeys of Shangri-La”
The Yunnan snub-nosed monkeys of the Himalayas are examined through the prism of one group, which consists of eight to 10 families.
2:00 PM
My Wild Affair
“The Ape Who Went to College”
A look at an orangutan that was raised as a human and learned sign language.
3:00 PM
Temas de Mujer
3:30 PM
Ante Usted
4:00 PM
Colombia al Día
4:30 PM
Cuba y su Historia
5:00 PM
Añoranzas de Mi Cuba
5:30 PM
6:00 PM
Se habla sobre las artes en todas sus formas, pintura, teatro, literatura, música y escultura entre otras.
6:30 PM
Foro 17
7:00 PM
A three-part study of the life of Mahatma Gandhi concentrates on his early days as a member of the establishment, his nascent interest in politics and his campaign to free India from British rule.
8:00 PM
The Channel Islands at War
“Invasion and Occupation”
Part 1 of 3. John Nettles hosts this documentary series about the German invasion and occupation of Britain's Channel Islands during World War II.
9:00 PM
Secrets of the Dead
“JFK: One PM Central Standard Time”
George Clooney narrates the Season 13 premiere, which recalls how the JFK assassination was reported by journalists on the scene in Dallas and Walter Cronkite, who anchored CBS News' coverage from New York. Included: the recollections of Dan Rather.
10:00 PM
Alexander's Lost World
“Explorations on an Ancient Sea”
Photojournalist David Adams attempts to locate an ancient civilization in Central Asia by following in the footsteps of early Greek explorers. The journey begins aboard a replica of the Argo; and takes him to Russia, where he discovers the Phasis River.
11:00 PM
On Home Ground: Life After Service