WLRN Channel 17 TV Schedule

Tuesday, January 27
2:00 PM
Sesame Street
“Build a Better Basket”
Alan, Rosita, and Elmo put together a basket filled with goodies for Little Red Riding Hood to take to her grandmother's house, but she's concerned that it may not be strong enough to stand up to the Big Bad Wolf.
3:00 PM
Martha Speaks
“Best in Show; Truman on the Ball”
Carolina enters François in a dog show, so Helen enters Martha. Also: Martha and Alice help Truman, who wants to become a hobo because of his softball shortcomings.
3:30 PM
“The Tattletale Frog; D.W. & Bud's Higher Purpose”
Bud is blamed for an accident that D.W. caused; D.W. and Bud look forward to riding a roller coaster.
4:00 PM
“Theme Park Wham-Page; Chuck's Job”
Becky's chance to ride a new ride at the amusement park is jeopardized when the Whammer arrives and raises havoc; WordGirl tries to help Chuck the Evil Sandwich Making Guy go straight by getting him a job with Edible Edibles Sandwiches.
4:30 PM
Wild Kratts
“Kerhonk on Friday”
Martin and Chris learn about proboscis monkeys after their power suits become jammed in proboscis monkey mode.
5:00 PM
Sid the Science Kid
“My Slide”
Sid learns about inclined planes while figuring out how to lift his heavy stuffed dinosaur to his bed.
5:30 PM
Curious George
“Gnocchi the Critic; George Cleans Up”
Chef Pisghetti decides to shut down his restaurant when his cat, Gnocchi, who approves every meal, stops eating the food, causing him to think he's lost his touch. As a result, George---who doesn't want to lose his favorite ravioli---investigates.
6:00 PM
Curious George
“Relax!; The Box and the Hound”
To help a harried Professor Wiseman relax, George and the Man With the Yellow Hat take her on a picnic. Everything goes wrong, however, from a stuck pickle jar to a tangled hammock to a duck making off with the Man's hat. Then George dog-sits.
6:30 PM
The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That!
“Manatees and Mermaids; The Last Chocolate”
Nick and Sally learn to swim slowly from a manatee and her son; Nick and Sally help make chocolate.
7:00 PM
“Wild France”
An exploration of the flora and fauna in France, including wolves, wild boar and bears.
8:00 PM
Nazi Mega Weapons
“The Wolf's Lair”
Hitler's command center on the Eastern Front, a complex of bunkers and buildings, is recalled.
9:00 PM
Foyle's War
“The Russian House”
Part 1 of 2. The Season 7 premiere finds Foyle, in the aftermath of VE Day, ready to retire. He's unable to do so, however, because of a crime wave. Another complication: He's assigned to catch an escaped Russian POW.
10:00 PM
Foyle's War
“The Russian House”
Conclusion. Foyle, in the aftermath of VE Day, deals with a crime wave; and searches for an escaped Russian POW.
11:00 PM
Fly Boys: Western Pennsylvania's Tuskegee Airmen
Black fighter pilots and maintenance crews who were trained in Tuskegee, Ala., during WWII are recalled.