WLRN Channel 17 TV Schedule

Tuesday, July 29
3:30 PM
“Arthur Plays the Blues; Buster's Sweet Success”
Arthur's playing the blues (actually, he doesn't think he can play anything at all) after he begins training under his strict new teacher, Dr. Fugue; Buster eats up all the profits from a candy sale before he has a chance to earn them.
4:00 PM
“Of Two Minds; Yes Monkey”
Dr. Two Brains redirects a giant cheese asteroid towards Earth; Captain Huggy Face replaces Leslie as Mr. Big's assistant.
4:30 PM
Wild Kratts
“Aqua Frog”
As the brothers study bullfrogs, Zach decides to dump waste in the creatures' pond, polluting the frogs' ecosystem.
5:00 PM
Sid the Science Kid
“The Amazing Computer Science Tool”
Sid and his class learn about computers.
5:30 PM
Curious George
“Curious George Takes a Vacation; Curious George and the One That Got Away”
George and the Man in the Yellow Hat go to an airport to start a vacation, only to find that their flight has been delayed. However, George finds amusement in the airport's busy atmosphere.
6:00 PM
Curious George
“Curious George Sinks the Pirates; This Little Piggy”
A canine friend of George's dreams that they are sailing on a boat that gets attacked by pirates; and George earns money to buy a toy sailboat, and he stores his funds in a piggy bank.
6:30 PM
The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That!
“Tough Enough; How Cool Is Coral?”
Nick and Sally wonder which animal is the toughest; the Cat helps Ting Tang Tony return to his family.
7:00 PM
“Kangaroo Mob”
Examining the challenges presented by the influx of kangaroos into the Australian capital of Canberra, which is a result of a population explosion among the 'roos and a drought. Included: ecologists track 25 of the marsupials via GPS equipment.
8:00 PM
Saving the Ocean
Conclusion. An excursion with swordfish harpooners. Included: the comeback of swordfish.
8:30 PM
Saving the Ocean
“River of Kings”
Part 1 of 2. Detailing efforts to restore Washington's Nisqually River that are being led by the Nisqually Indian tribe.
9:00 PM
Liquid Stage: The Lure of Surfing
Tracing the history of surfing. Included: its beginnings in Hawaii centuries ago; its development into a distinct lifestyle. Also: the contributions of Duke Kahanamoku, a Hawaiian Olympic swimmer who helped popularize the sport.
10:00 PM
Lady in Black
A documentary exploring the history of Darlington (S,.C.) Raceway. Highlights are film clips of its 60-year history of racing; and interviews with past and present drivers, including Cale Yarborough; Cotton Owens and Jeff Gordon.
11:00 PM
Shore Things
A video "seaside vacation" that explores the joys of "why we humans come to the water's edge." The splashy documentary was shot along picturesque seashores from Cape Cod to Hawaii. Locales also include a gay beach in Delaware; and a beach for dogs.