WLRN Channel 17 TV Schedule

Sunday, December 21
9:00 PM
Finding Your Roots With Henry Louis Gates Jr.
“Ancient Roots”
Tina Fey, David Sedaris and George Stephanopoulos, who are each descended from Greek immigrants to the U.S., learn about their roots. Fey discovers that one ancestor was a hero in the Greek War of Independence.
10:00 PM
A profile of Cardinal Joseph Bernardin (1928-96), who is remembered by friends and admirers, including his sister, Elaine Addison; his biographer Eugene Kennedy; theologian Martin E. Marty; Newsweek religion writer Kenneth Woodward.
11:00 PM
She-Wolves: England's Early Queens
“Isabella and Margaret”
Part 2 of 3. Remembering Isabella of France, who married Edward II at age 12 in 1308, and Margaret of Anjou, who became queen over a century later when she married Henry VI.