The normal scan on the left is his son's. / Jim Fallon

12/17/13 - Today’s Topical Currents is with neuroscientist James Fallon.  After decades of studying human brains, he found that his own scan showed psychopathic patterns. Did he have the genes of a serial killer? He’s written THE PSYCHOPATH INSIDE:  A Neuroscientist’s Personal Journey Into the Dark Side of the Brain. That’s Topical Currents Tuesday at 1pm.

06/26/13 - Wednesday's Topical Currents is with Columbia University neuroscientist Dr. Carl Hart. A native Miamian, Hart has written  HIGH PRICE:  A Neuroscientist’s Journey of Self-Discovery That Challenges Everything You Know About Drugs and Society. After 22 years of research, he challenges the way we think about poverty, race and addiction. That’s Topical Currents Wednesday at 1pm on WLRN-HD1 rebroadcast at 7pm on WLRN-HD2 and audio on-demand after the live program.